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Posh Sheds
Posh Sheds

The Ludlow

The Southwold
The Southwold

The Southwold

Back to the Wall
Back to the Wall

The Chelsea

There are Sheds...
And There Are Posh Sheds...

So, what makes a Posh Shed and what makes it so different? Well, we could talk about the two dedicated craftsmen that build every shed from start to finish, or the hand selected timber used, or the unique tongue and groove boards that keep the weather out and hide nailing or maybe just the 20 year warranty that demonstrates our confidence in the design and the materials used, but lets dip into the nitty gritty of Posh Sheds... 

Is it time for a shed
you can be proud of?

Best Sellers

The Potting Shed in Sage Whisper
The Potting Shed in Sage Whisper

The Potting Shed - Finished in Sage Whisper

The Southwold – Finished in Harbour Haze
The Southwold – Finished in Harbour Haze

The Southwold – Finished in Harbour Haze

The Kensington - Finished in Sage Whisper
The Kensington - Finished in Sage Whisper

The Kensington - Finished in Sage Whisper

The Soul Of A Posh Shed

Top Specs

Our standard specs are game changers. No compromises, no cost cutting, just the absolute best in materials to ensure these buildings will endurably be Posh.

Fine Design

Designs that smash form into function, creating a timeless building that’s as much a nod to the past as it is a step into contemporary garden luxury.

20 Year Warranty

Our faith in our designs and the materials we use is rock-solid, which is why we back each building with a no-fuss 20-year guarantee.

Hand Crafted

Sorry, no robots toiling away in our workshop, just a bunch of expert craftsmen obsessed with hand-built quality.

Delivery & Installation

Is included and we’ve got our own crew of pro-installers who won’t leave until the building is up and you’ve got a smile on your face.

There’s something about a Posh Shed that makes it so much more than just a place to store the mower or hang up the clippers. Maybe it’s their good looks or just that they are clearly built for whatever the weather brings. Don’t be surprised to spend more time there than you may have envisaged.

How posh?


Posh, Painted & Partially Insulated

Vertical T&G boarded triple wall construction, insulated pressure treated T&G floor, double glazing throughout, 3 mortice lock door, a roof choice of composite slate or cedar shingles and painted from a choice of seven colours. (and of course, we never go lower than Posh)

Comfortably Posh

Posh, Painted & Fully Insulated

Take a Posh Shed, add insulation into the walls and roof, then cover inside with gorgeous T&G boarding.

Unbelievably Posh

Posh, Painted, Fully Insulated with Guttering & Shelving

Take a Comfortably Posh Shed then install guttering with a water butt, add internal shelving and upgrade the floor to keep all those pesky rodents out...

There are sheds and then there are Posh Sheds

Life With Your Posh Shed.
Indispensable Hints and Tips

It can be tough being a shed, even a Posh Shed, living in a garden in all weathers. You won’t be surprised to know that we’ve got plenty of ideas to share on how best to keep your Posh Shed looking it’s best irrespective of what the elements throw our way.