Posh shed walls

Unique triple layer walls

The walls of a posh shed are, as we hope you would expect, are not like normal shed walls. They are built using a unique triple wall construction developed by us and not available from any other shed manufacturer. The initial structure for the walls comes from a frame work, this is built using good quality redwood timber fully finished with rounded corners and a smooth surface. Redwood timber is used for its superior strength and quality of finish over the more often used white wood.
To this is fitted a 6mm WBP plywood skin to give a good finish in the inside and provide strength. On the outside is fitted cladding, again a redwood timber is used with a TGV joint. Between the two layers is fitted a fully waterproof and breathable membrane. Once the walls have been completed, they are fully painted in your choice of colour using sadolin opaque (superdec) timber protection or sadolin translucent (classic) timber protection.