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Window box

Heavy Duty Window Box

Grow flowers and lots of other things against your shed wall.
Not to be confused with lighter duty examples, these window boxes are as robust as you 'Posh Shed'

Made from 24mm thick pressure treated timber, these boxes have an internal polythene liner that can filled with up to 12 inches of soil, as well as the normal practice of pre-planted pots.

The box comes supplied with two long brackets so that it can be fixed on the wall.

You don't need a window to have a window box!  Whilst it is called a window box, it doesnt mean it has to go under a window.  It can be fitted against a blank side of a shed to fully utilise the space as a vertical garden, these are especially good as a herb or salad garden in a very small space.

Single window box: Width 2ft (60cm), depth 12inches (30cm), height 12inches (30cm)
Double window box: Width 4ft (1.2m), depth 12inches (30cms), height 12inches (30cm)

Single window box £98.00 including a pair of brackets
Additional signal window box £          without brackets
Double window box  £139.00 including a pair of brackets
Additional double window box £            without brackets


Double window box
Currently showing: Double window box

Product Code: PSC210212