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Solar Hub with Light £209

A solar hub with light from Solar Technology.

We can supply and install a Hubi 2k lighting and power system.  These are an ideal way to get light into your posh shed, plus it has two USB ports for mobile phones and other devices.  The light is switched on and off via a button on the hub.

It works by collecting daylight and sunlight through the solar panel and converting this to DC electricity which feeds directly to the hub.  Smart internal electronics ensure the system never gets overcharged.

Supplied with 5w solar panel, 12v LED strip light, main Hubi unit, connecting cables and a mounted shelf to fit into.

Price is for the unit and mounted shelf to be fitted when we deliver and install your new Posh Shed.

Other options

Option 1 - For us to install the above into your existing Posh Shed £276.00

Option 2 - Kit delivered directly to you for self-installation £135.00 + £6.00 P&P



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