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Rodent proof floor

Mice and rats do enjoy a shed!

They are always looking for a nice dry space to make home, all good sheds need an air flow underneath to keep the damp at bay and so inadvertently create a perfect environment for mice and rat to nest.  

Mice and rats once established in this environment will make themselves thoroughly at home and gnaw away at most materials, especially wood, gaining access into the shed and generally causing a lot of damage to the building as well as any contents within it.

It might be that you are happy to share your space with these fury friends, but in event you would rather they found somewhere else to set up home we can provide an additional layer in our floors that prevents them moving in.

This layer is a heavy-duty wire welded wire mesh, 23 gauge, the mesh is hot dipped galvanised to prevent corrosion and the 23-gauge wire makes it impossible for rats and mice to gnaw through.  The small holes mean even the smallest most determined mice cannot get through.

We fit a mesh in the floor that then folds back down, either into the ground or under the shed still allowing the avital airflow but giving complete protection from any of these animals gaining access under the shed.

When the mesh is fitted within the floor by us it become integral to the floor section and so does not change the method on installation of you building, the only additional work will be to fold down the edge and bury into the surrounding ground.

The Potting, Gothic & Contemporary Style sheds 6ft x 4ft  £113.00
  7ft x 5ft £142.00
  8ft x 6ft £191.00
  9ft x 7ft £248.00
  10ft x 8ft  £290.00
The Ludlow shed 4ft x 3ft £80.00
The Southwold shed 5ft x 5ft £151.00
The Kensington shed 6ft 6in x 3ft 3in £111.00
The Chelsea shed 6ft 6in x 3ft 3in  £111.00
The National Garden Scheme shed 8ft x 7ft  £267.00
The Half shed 6ft x 3ft £98.00
Hexagonal sheds 6ft diameter £180.00
  7ft diameter £213.00


Rodent proof floor
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