Site Visits

Practical help & real service

We are very keen to ensure your whole experience of buying a Posh Shed works as well as possible. From your first enquiry through to the moment you step inside for the first time.

We're a small business so we can do some of the things larger companies may prefer not to. Like talking things over, looking at options, and actually doing things to help. We can remove your old shed, we can prepare a good base (if needed) and we can install your new Posh Shed.

And we're on the end of the phone before, during and after.

Delivery and Installation

Delivery & Installation costs that little extra on some of our sheds,  but may give even more peace of mind!

  •   6' x 4'  - £220
  •   7' x 5'  - £275
  •   8' x 6'  - £385
  •   9' x 7'  - Included
  • 10' x 8'  - Included
  • Hexagonal - Included
  • Half shed - Included
  • The Chelsea - £220
  • The Ludlow - £220
  • NGS - Included
  • Stores - £80 with a courier, £250 bespoke delivery
  • Posh Gardening - Please call us for prices

Site Visits

Would a site visit be helpful?  We can achieve a lot over the phone and with email.  In fact for most customers this proves fine. But there may be aspects of your own requirements for which there is no substitute for a face to face meeting.

It might be an awkward slope or an immovable object. Sometimes seeing your garden first hand provides us with a little extra inspiration too.

So if we are in any doubt we would arrange to visit your site.

Sub base

Although your Posh Shed comes with a built in base, if it is going at ground level it needs to go on a sub base. This can be:

  • Gravel
  • Slabs
  • Concrete 
  • Tarmac
  • Decking
  • Wooden frame

We're happy to advise on whether the base you have is suitable.

If your sub-base is concrete or slabs and is larger than the footprint of the shed, we highly recommend that guttering is fitted to the shed.


As we are delivering or installing your new Posh Shed for a small additional cost we would be happy to take away your old shed if this would be helpful. We know you may have known each other for years and shared good times but it is time for that final journey.

Our staff will be suitably dignified as they lug it out but they know you will love your Posh Shed even more!

Please call the office for prices Tel: 01544 387101