Posh Sheds

There Are Sheds. And There Are Posh Sheds.

Our sheds aren’t ‘Posh’ because they have airs and graces and look down on other sheds. So why ‘Posh’? Ours are still sheds, of course, but they are meticulously designed to look smart in the garden and with more than a hint of refinement. Dry as a bone. A pleasure to visit. Built to withstand the elements for years to come. There are choices and options for each. The level of poshness for you is a decision you may enjoy pondering.


One sale each week in July and August. Batch production allows us to pass on huge savings. Limited availability. Don’t miss out!

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The Big Posh Sale

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  • Bespoke Design & Build

    Just say you love our Posh Sheds but for whatever reason you have a different Posh in mind. It may be to suit an awkward slope or fit round a tree. It may be bigger or a fusion of more than one style. Or maybe you want your own vision made Posh. Because design is in our DNA all things are possible but as you will appreciate once we step out of our production moulds there can be cost and timing implications. Your own Posh dream can become reality but let’s start with a chat!

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Help is at hand

Now we know this isn’t the way many go about their business these days, but we do rather like the traditional communications method of speaking with customers. It seems to be a very efficient way of you telling us what you have in mind and us sharing decades of experience. Shall we give it a go!