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Smoke House £1,123.50

A Posh Smoke House provides a way to complement the modern age of convenience in which supermarkets offer foods from around the globe, with the opportunity to produce your own bespoke food stuffs in your own garden – you can’t get much more local than that!

The Posh Smoke House, with its cedar shingled roof, stands smartly on a patio or paved area.  It comes with heavy duty hinges and the door is held closed with two simple wooden twists.

The cold smoking kit feeds smoke into the Smoke house which has two internal shelves and a hanging rail on both sides, plus a further hanging rail in the middle.
Cold Smoking, like it’s forerunner of Barbequing is popular in America and while it can be a process of trial and error, once confidence and knowledge increases there is endless fun to be had, not only the choice of foodstuffs to smoke, but also the choice of different types of wood to burn in producing the necessary smoke; which culminates in the thorough knowledge of the provenance of one’s food.

The Posh Shed Company is happy to supply and fit a Smoking Kit, this would be an additional cost of £190.

Width: 3ft 3in (1m)
Depth: 2ft (0.6m)
Height: 6ft 1in (1.9m) - Including Legs

Only available in colour shown

 Our smoke houses are handmade and as such sizes may vary slightly, please allow for the roof overhang. 


  • Wood Ruff

Available in colours shown above.

Smoke House
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Product Code: PSC150221

Floor- Smoke House

Our Smoke House has a very solid floor, it is raised up slightly from the ground to allow air to flow underneath.

15mm birch plywood is fitted to the framework with a weatherproof membrane between.  The memberane laps up around the edges to meet with the side walls.

Walls - Smoke House

The walls are built using good quality 38mm x 50mm redwood timber fully finished with rounded corners and a smooth surface.  The framework is screwed together, rather than nailed, this gives additional strength to the structure.  Redwood timber is used for its superior strength and quality of finish over the more often used white wood.

To the framework we fit a  15mm birch plywood skin, this gives a good finish to the inside and provides strength.  On the outside TGV  is fitted and finished off with two coats of sadolin classic timber preservative in Woodruff

Roof - Smoke House

Each part of the structure is important but obviously the roof initially takes the most weather. The Posh Shed Company roofs are solid and dependable as well as being attractive. The main beams holding up the roof are  75mm x 50mm with 15mm plywood fitted to this, and is finished off with a staight facia and ridge board. The roof has a layer of weatherproof  membrane fitted and then a top layer of cedar shingles.

Due to the size and weight of the Smoke House this product can only have bespoke delivery or alternatively you can collect from our base in Herefordshire

£250 for bespoke delivery - Bespoke delivery means that we will un-pack it and put it where you require.

We are happy to offer either option but please do contact us to discuss which option best suits you and the access routes to your garden or patio