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They may have an unfortunate reputation but bats play an essential part in the biodiversity of the planet as both pollinators and “pest controllers”.

The Bat Conservation Trust report a sharp decline in bat populations.  Most of this decline is the result of a loss of natural habitat due to human intervention; the removal of hedgerows for example, has changed the face of our countryside and adversely affected many ecosystems.

It’s up to us to create new habitats to help bats survive and thrive.  A Posh Bat box is built to B.C.T. recommended specifications, designed to be draught free and thermally stable.


Height 2ft 7in (70cm)

Width 2ft 1in (60cm) at widest point

Depth 7in (18cm)

For more information about where to site your bat box please look on the BTC site


P&P would be an additional £15.00 (UK postcodes only, other areas may incur an additional cost)

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  • Ebony

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Bat Box
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