The "Original" Posh Shed - British Made - Now available in our Comfortably Posh build

Now available in 4 build options:
Posh Very Posh Comfortably Posh Unbelievably Posh

Our Range

Our range of Posh Sheds is the fruit of very careful design and consideration. Key to whether a design makes the collection is its appearance and whether it enhances the garden area where it may reside.

With some of our sheds available in 4 build options, 2 of which are fully insulated, 5 sizes and a choice of 3 roof finishes we are sure you will find something to fit your requirements.

We hope you agree there is a suitably varied choice, from the modern lines of The Contemporary to the classic elegance of The Gothic. If space is tight you may like to consider the ingenious Half Shed, a Ludlow or a Southwold.  Looking for something less formal, then check out The Anderson and The Gardener with a galvanised sheet roof.

And if you are feeling inspired but favour something tailored to your own needs please take a look at our Bespoke service.