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We are very flattered to be working alongside a growing number of landscape gardeners. They appreciate the build quality as well as aesthetic appeal of our products and recognise that a Posh Shed can add a nice finishing touch to their creative garden design. If you are planning a garden makeover you may like to contact one of our landscaper partners in your area. A lovely landscaped garden and a Posh Shed - the perfect combination!

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Carolyn Grohmann - Secret Gardens Design


36 Shandon Places
EH11 1QJ

Tel: 07796 457537

Secret Gardens by Carolyn Grohmann. I am an Edinburgh-based garden designer and have been creating gardens since 2000.  I favour a friendly, supportive approach to the design process and am dedicated to a more natural method of gardening and landscaping which is gentle on the environment.  I design gardens of all shapes and sizes in and around Edinburgh.