What sort of base do I need for my shed?

All Posh Sheds are built with a solid base which acts as the floor inside. This is exterior grade 18mm plywood which we seal on top to prevent staining from any spillages.

This Plywood is fixed to 38mm (1.5”) thick bearers which are pressure treated to prevent rot, and sit straight onto the prepared base. In between the  plywood and the bearers a layer of waterproof membrane  is laid out and overlaps around the edges. This prevents any dampness rising up into the walls or floor. For this to work effectively it is important that the space created by the bearers is left clear at each side to allow air to flow freely.

While this construction is very rigid it does need to sit on a level prepared base which will provide support evenly. It is not sufficient to rely on level grass or soil as this does not allow water to drain away freely and may become water logged in just one area allowing the shed to sink or move.

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It is also important to remember that the size of the sheds we talk about refer to the internal floor size and the storage space inside. There is an overhang of the roof all the way around so the site has to leave clearance against fences, walls and trees of at least 460mm (18”).