Potting Shed

Your new garden shed from The Posh CompANY is ready & waiting for delivery!

Depending on the build level of shed that you have chosen, delivery and installation may or may not be included in the price. But one way or another we will be with you, until your new Posh Shed is ready to be used.

Our products are all built in our small factory in Herefordshire, and so of course need to be delivered to you.

To us, this part of the process is just as important as building a great product.  Your new shed is no good at all if not up and in use, and being enjoyed in your garden.  

We have 2 different delivery options, depending on the complexity of the product and your feeling about being invloved with the installation.  Obviously, there is a saving to be made if you feel able, or have a good local helping hand, to put the project up.

Remember, none of our sheds are light duty and yuo shoudl allow for all the main component parts beign a 2 person lift.

Posh Sheds
*Delivery and super easy self-installation

This means we do the difficult parts of the self-installation for you

  • Hanging the door in its frame
  • Fitting the lock
  • Hanging the windows casements
  • Glazing the window and door
  • Fixing the roof finish as much as possible
    This means that on felt shingle and cedar shingle roofs up to 8ft x 6ft and slate finish roofs up to 7ft x 5ft the roof sections are finished ready to slot on.  On bigger products where, due to weight each roof side is in 2 sections, each roof section is partially finished and so when fitting there is still a bit of in filling to be done.

What will I need to do?

  • Lay down the floor onto a pre-existing non-porous sub-base
  • Fit the 4 sides
  • Put in the roof bearers
  • Seal corners and put on the corner plates
  • Drop roof into place
  • Fit the door frame and window into their spaces in the walls
  • Finish the trim

Your Posh shed is now ready to use.

Tools required

  • Cordless drill with pozi drive no.2 bit
  • Spirit level
  • Silicon gun
  • Stanley knife
  • On larger sized sheds you will also need a stapler and a pozi drive no.1 bit for finishing the roof

Our standard - *Delivery and installation  

What will I need to do?

  • Have a non-porous sub-base ready for when we arrive
  • The rest is down to us and when we have finished, we hand over the keys to your new Posh Shed

All our unbelievably posh specification sheds, which are fully insulated, our Contemporary and Hexagonal standard designs and all bespoke designs have this option included in the price.

Back door stores
These are generally sent via a courier if you choose self-installtion, but with our own transport if being installed by us.   Depending on the courier this may be dropped off at the front of the property. 

Posh gardening products
These are generally sent via a courier or royal mail

 * Postage is to UK postcode.  Courier, delivery & installtion of anywhere above Edinburgh/Glasgow, or to outside the UK mainland may incur an additional cost.  Please contact us for details.

We do need parking for a large transit van when delivering your product, if this is a problem please let us know when placing your order.