Getting your Posh Shed ready for Winter

Posted on November 4, 2021

Getting your Posh Shed ready for Winter

How is it November already? There’s a definite nip in the air, you’ve stored your garden furniture away and trips into the garden are fast becoming those of necessity rather than pleasure. Before you resign yourself to woolly socks and watching final weeks of The Great British Bake Off by a warm fire, spare a thought for your Posh Shed and treat it to some TLC to see it through the cold winter months.

Now we’ve had a good deal of rain, check the roof from both the outside and in for telltale signs of water ingress. Make sureWooden cedar roof shingles there are no chipped or slipped tiles, and that the lining doesn’t have any holes that may let water in. Much better to sort out problems at the beginning of the cold and wet weather than part way through.

Guttering on garden shedOnce you have checked to make sure that your roof top stays nice and dry, it’s time to look at the floor. If your shed has guttering, make it is all connected properly, and that rainwater will be directed away from the shed. Puddles around your shed’s base will reduce its lifetime and no-one likes a soggy bottom!

As you give the garden a last tidy, raking up wet leaves and cleaning out gutters (these piping tubes need to be clean at all times) remember that any tools or boots that you put away in your shed for the winter should be clean and dry. Moisture left on items in your shed will encourage the growth of unsightly mould. If you do spot any signs of damp or mould, remove any patches with a diluted bleach solution as soon as you spot them.

Moving on to technical matters – make sure that the wood in the doors and windows is in good condition, and that the seals are all intact with no gaps. If there are any broken or cracked windows, replace them! A good oiling to the latches and lock will make sure that you aren’t struggling to get in your shed once spring comes along.Posh Shed window furniture

If your garden is prone to leaf debris, it is important to clear this away on a regular basis. Sweep around the shed and clear leaves from the roof to avoid unwelcome damp and minimise the chance of rot.

A royal icing looks wonderful on a cake, but it has no place on a shed! Over time, the excess weight of snow and ice on your shed roof can cause irreparable damage. If the weather gets wintery, take a quick photo (as it looks so pretty) then spend a few moments clearing the roof Snow covered Gothic Posh Shedand around the base of your shed of snow carefully with a soft broom. 

Take the time to visit your Posh Shed – it’s sure to miss you – open the windows and door on warmer days to encourage fresh air to flow through. This will reduce the possibility of mould and ensure your Posh Shed still looks like a true Showstopper come springtime