Lets get our Dining room tables back

Posted on October 4, 2021

Shoffice Life –
Taking Back the Nations dining tables 

For many, working from home is becoming the “new normal” and is clearly a trend that is here to stay. The flexibility has been welcomed according to research from Future Strategy Club, with 52% of UK workers enjoying a better work-life balance and wishing to continue to work from home once the Covid-19 pandemic subsides.The Richmond Shed - Pretty Garden office

While the benefits are many, one of the main drawbacks of home working is that suitable space is needed for a desk, chair, computer, phone and appropriate lighting as a minimum. Some workers will need additional space if multiple screens, filing cabinets, a printer or drawing board is required. To begin with, many used existing space in their home and if a spare room was not available, would find themselves setting up office each day in the dining room, kitchen or lounge.

As the pandemic rolled into 2021, homeworkers started to look beyond their four walls for space to dedicate to their job and create a garden office.

The Posh Shed Company’s latest design, The Richmond, is available in four builds, its insulated and double-glazed options are a popular choice for those looking for a garden office that still looks traditional in their garden.

The Richmond - Comfortably Posh Shed
Design Engineer, Mr F from Wales, took the first delivery of a “Comfortably Posh” fully insulated and double-glazed Richmond Shed in early September, and plans to use it as a home office.

 “I work from home pretty much all the time now and room in the house was becoming limited, so I looked to my garden to find space” he says, “I’ve had power put in and just needed a desk and a chair to complete the set up. I’m close enough to the house for the Wi-Fi to reach which was a bonus”.Posh Office space

The Richmond particularly appeals to people looking to reclaim their dining table after working from home since the pandemic. With its door in the long side, made possible by an attractive  gable over the door, the interior can be separated into two areas, allowing for an office set up on one side and space for filing cabinets or breaktime relaxation on the other side.

The Posh Shed Company Co-Founder, Kay Frost, said, “We have seen a rise this year in customers looking for sheds to work from home in all year round, as such we introduced our “Comfortably Posh” range to meet that demand. 
The fully insulated walls, floor and roof coupled with a double-glazed door & windows along with guttering being fitted to the solid build creating an inviting space to work in”.

Available in 3 widths from 3m (10ft) to 4.9m (16ft) and 2 depths, 1.8m (6ft) and 2.4m (8ft), The Richmond “Comfortably Posh” Shed starts at £9,799 including VAT, installation and delivery to most of mainland Britain.