The Hexagonal shed increases in size

Posted on November 5, 2021

The Hexagonal Shed Increases in Size!

Quirky and a whole lot bigger!

First launched ten years ago, The Hexagonal Shed has been a firm favourite for those looking for a Posh Shed with a difference for their garden. Featuring a pagoda style roof, its quirky shape stands out in any garden and it’s perfect whether placed in a prominent position or a corner of the garden. Ideal for storage, The Hexagonal Shed has also attracted customers looking for a focal point in the garden or somewhere to relax in shade or shelter.

 The shed can be styled with plain “Contemporary”, square “Potting” or arched “Gothic” windows and either straight or wavy fascia boards, to achieve the desired look. A window either side of the door comes as standard but if desired, additional windows can be added to achieve a “summerhouse” feel.

Gothic hexagonal shed with wooden cedar shingles Contemporary hexagonal Posh Shed Very Posh hexagonal shed

 Over the years, we have had requests for something a little bigger, so back in the summer we added the option of a 7ft diameter, increasing the internal floor space from just over 23 sq ft to nearly 32 sq ft. The first installation took place last month in Surrey and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

The customer chose a cedar roof with “Potting” style windows and a painted finish in our exclusive Posh Elephant. A straight facia, toughened glass to the windows and black ironmongery finished off the look. The inside was fitted out with two Hexagonal Combined Shelf and Tool Racks and a single Hexagonal Shelf to provide plenty of useful storage.

Potting style hexagonal shed Internal view of Posh Shed Wooden cedar roof shingles

 The Hexagonal Shed is available in either 6ft or 7ft diameter and either Posh (unpainted) or Very Posh (painted) options. There is a choice of either felt shingles or wooden cedar shingles. A range of interior accessories are available to suit the specific dimensions including Shelves or a Combined Shelf and Tool Rack and external accessories such as a Stable Door or a Solar Hub with Light can be added to really make The Hexagonal Posh Shed fit to individual requirements.


Getting your Posh Shed ready for Winter

Posted on November 4, 2021

Getting your Posh Shed ready for Winter

How is it November already? There’s a definite nip in the air, you’ve stored your garden furniture away and trips into the garden are fast becoming those of necessity rather than pleasure. Before you resign yourself to woolly socks and watching final weeks of The Great British Bake Off by a warm fire, spare a thought for your Posh Shed and treat it to some TLC to see it through the cold winter months.

Now we’ve had a good deal of rain, check the roof from both the outside and in for telltale signs of water ingress. Make sureWooden cedar roof shingles there are no chipped or slipped tiles, and that the lining doesn’t have any holes that may let water in. Much better to sort out problems at the beginning of the cold and wet weather than part way through.

Guttering on garden shedOnce you have checked to make sure that your roof top stays nice and dry, it’s time to look at the floor. If your shed has guttering, make it is all connected properly, and that rainwater will be directed away from the shed. Puddles around your shed’s base will reduce its lifetime and no-one likes a soggy bottom!

As you give the garden a last tidy, raking up wet leaves and cleaning out gutters (these piping tubes need to be clean at all times) remember that any tools or boots that you put away in your shed for the winter should be clean and dry. Moisture left on items in your shed will encourage the growth of unsightly mould. If you do spot any signs of damp or mould, remove any patches with a diluted bleach solution as soon as you spot them.

Moving on to technical matters – make sure that the wood in the doors and windows is in good condition, and that the seals are all intact with no gaps. If there are any broken or cracked windows, replace them! A good oiling to the latches and lock will make sure that you aren’t struggling to get in your shed once spring comes along.Posh Shed window furniture

If your garden is prone to leaf debris, it is important to clear this away on a regular basis. Sweep around the shed and clear leaves from the roof to avoid unwelcome damp and minimise the chance of rot.

A royal icing looks wonderful on a cake, but it has no place on a shed! Over time, the excess weight of snow and ice on your shed roof can cause irreparable damage. If the weather gets wintery, take a quick photo (as it looks so pretty) then spend a few moments clearing the roof Snow covered Gothic Posh Shedand around the base of your shed of snow carefully with a soft broom. 

Take the time to visit your Posh Shed – it’s sure to miss you – open the windows and door on warmer days to encourage fresh air to flow through. This will reduce the possibility of mould and ensure your Posh Shed still looks like a true Showstopper come springtime

An Adorable She Shed

Posted on November 3, 2021

An Adorable She Shed

"My Shed is like my little bolt hole in my own garden"

Pink wooden She ShedGardener Sarah from Herefordshire took delivery of her 10’ x 8’ Posh Potting Shed earlier in the year but when we caught up with her recently, we found that she had turned it into a beautiful “She Shed”. The shed was delivered in pressure treated timber for self-install, and Sarah has customised it to reflect her personality and create an ultimate pink She Shed. 

Initially, Sarah had wanted a potting shed for her kitchen garden, “When I got it I realised it wasPretty Garden Shed far too nice to be doing messy gardening jobs in, so I use it to as a relaxing space where I can admire all my hard work” she says, “I will use it for less messy gardening jobs such as flower arranging and keeping all my gardening books on hand so I can refer to them quickly without have to trek to the house.”

Internal of Posh Shed“I painted the outside myself”, says Sarah. “Inside I am currently using an opaque “Pale Peony” pink and I will tile the floor. I plan to put seating and a bench for my flower arranging in there along with space for my gardening books and vases. I’m also planning to give the shed its own little enclosed cottage garden and wildlife pond”.

Sarah has painted her shed a true pink using Farrow & Ball’s “Nancy’s Blushes” with paler “Middleton Pink” contrast trim to the windows, door, fascias and roof trim and loves that it provides a lovely focal point in what was a miserable looking space, she says, “It fills a space where the kitchen garden ends and the orchard area starts. No matter what the weather is like I can fling open the stable door and enjoy the view. It’s a very quiet spot and I love the colour. It’s very me”. 

Sarah used to work in aviation and moved to Herefordshire with her husband in the midst of the pandemic last October. Her husband still works in aviation, and they love spending time in the countryside air where Sarah is currently designing the garden. “We really appreciate it, but I felt a bit overwhelmed by it all at first.” She says, “My shed is like my little bolt hole in my own garden. I can sit and think about where I’m going to put in new borders and what to do next. It’s also a lovely place to listen to all the birds in the garden.”

Potting Shed with cedar roofSteal Sarah’s Style:
Inspired by Sarah’s She Shed? Here is how she created hers

10’ x 8’ Potting Shed with cedar roof shingles in Posh Build for self-installation with stable door, solar hub, weather vane and additional window from £5,644 including delivery*. Finished with black ironmongery and toughened glass glazing, Sarah’s shed was supplied in pressure treated timber and she painted it herself using Farrow and Ball colours, Nancy’s Blushes with Middleton Pink contrast trim, both available from B&Q.


Follow Sarah on Instagram @mrs_h_adventures

*Delivery to mainland Britain only.  Addresses above Glasgow and Edinburgh may incur an additional delivery charge.

Lets get our Dining room tables back

Posted on October 4, 2021

Shoffice Life –
Taking Back the Nations dining tables 

For many, working from home is becoming the “new normal” and is clearly a trend that is here to stay. The flexibility has been welcomed according to research from Future Strategy Club, with 52% of UK workers enjoying a better work-life balance and wishing to continue to work from home once the Covid-19 pandemic subsides.The Richmond Shed - Pretty Garden office

While the benefits are many, one of the main drawbacks of home working is that suitable space is needed for a desk, chair, computer, phone and appropriate lighting as a minimum. Some workers will need additional space if multiple screens, filing cabinets, a printer or drawing board is required. To begin with, many used existing space in their home and if a spare room was not available, would find themselves setting up office each day in the dining room, kitchen or lounge.

As the pandemic rolled into 2021, homeworkers started to look beyond their four walls for space to dedicate to their job and create a garden office.

The Posh Shed Company’s latest design, The Richmond, is available in four builds, its insulated and double-glazed options are a popular choice for those looking for a garden office that still looks traditional in their garden.

The Richmond - Comfortably Posh Shed
Design Engineer, Mr F from Wales, took the first delivery of a “Comfortably Posh” fully insulated and double-glazed Richmond Shed in early September, and plans to use it as a home office.

 “I work from home pretty much all the time now and room in the house was becoming limited, so I looked to my garden to find space” he says, “I’ve had power put in and just needed a desk and a chair to complete the set up. I’m close enough to the house for the Wi-Fi to reach which was a bonus”.Posh Office space

The Richmond particularly appeals to people looking to reclaim their dining table after working from home since the pandemic. With its door in the long side, made possible by an attractive  gable over the door, the interior can be separated into two areas, allowing for an office set up on one side and space for filing cabinets or breaktime relaxation on the other side.

The Posh Shed Company Co-Founder, Kay Frost, said, “We have seen a rise this year in customers looking for sheds to work from home in all year round, as such we introduced our “Comfortably Posh” range to meet that demand. 
The fully insulated walls, floor and roof coupled with a double-glazed door & windows along with guttering being fitted to the solid build creating an inviting space to work in”.

Available in 3 widths from 3m (10ft) to 4.9m (16ft) and 2 depths, 1.8m (6ft) and 2.4m (8ft), The Richmond “Comfortably Posh” Shed starts at £9,799 including VAT, installation and delivery to most of mainland Britain.


A Personal Message from Mike Sullivan

Posted on October 4, 2021

A Personal Message from Mike Sullivan

I am sure that by now you have heard in the media of the difficulties being experienced by the construction and building industry in obtaining raw materials, and the soaring prices as the year has progressed.

In a world that is still heavily impacted by a pandemic, we have been keen to avoid raising our prices as a result of the momentous issues with our supply chains and have managed to resist until now.  We have achieved this through targeted cost savings, production streamlining and absorbing costs where possible.  However, we have reached a point where we must act.  I am therefore writing to advise you of an upcoming 5% price rise in the cost of our sheds and accessories: delivery & installation costs will remain unchanged.

I believe the moderate price adjustment­­ outlined above, whilst unwelcome, is rational and will allow us to continue to deliver innovative, quality products and excel as leaders in the Posh Shed market .
This increase will not come into force until 1st November 2021 and any quotes issued prior to this date will be valid for 28 days from issue date.
All of us at The Posh Shed Company are grateful to be able to rely on your support. We are a small, caring company and, without exception, all our team members are dedicated to producing beautiful sheds, delivered with exceptional service and we hope to delight our customers for many years to come.
With warm regards

CEO - The Posh Shed Company

Mike Sullivan CEO of The Posh Shed Company


Storing Garden Furniture & Cushions

Posted on October 4, 2021

What’s the Best Way to Store Garden Furniture & Cushions?

Our Top Three Tips for Keeping your Garden Furniture Looking its Best over Winter

With the leaves starting to turn, evenings drawing in and temperatures cooling, thoughts inevitably turn to “Winter prep”. One of the most common questions we are asked here at The Posh Shed Company is, “Can I keep my patio cushions in my shed?”. Well, the answer is yes! However, our simple good housekeeping tips will help to make sure that your furniture bounces into action next Spring ready to face another Summer.

 1.    Clean
You wouldn’t put your dirty dishes back in the cupboard without washing them and garden furniture is just the same!
Remove washable cushion covers and wash or dry clean according to the instruction label. Make sure that they are dry and aired thoroughly – an airing cupboard is perfect for this, or if you have a dehumidifier, pop this in the “drying room” for a day to extract the last of the moisture. Once dry, pop the covers back on the cushion pads.

If they are waterproof cushions, give them a clean with a soft cloth and gentle detergent. Mould can be an issue on waterproof cushions, and it is important to remove this as it will only get worse over winter. Use a mild bleach solution, spray (make sure the area is well ventilated and you use appropriate PPE to protect your skin and eyes) or wipe on with a cloth and leave for up to 20 minutes then rinse off and allow to dry naturally outside.

For the furniture itself, it is good practice to clean off any natural debris or dirt using an appropriate cleaner before storing for a long period.

For metal, a simple solution of warm soapy water followed by a thorough dry with a microfibre cloth should suffice. Once dry, inspect the surface for any damage, removing rust spots with a fine grade sandpaper and then seal with metal paint.

Plastic is perhaps the easiest to clean, a wash down with soapy water and perhaps a light scrub with a soft brush should be all that’s needed before drying off with a microfibre cloth.

Wicker and rattan furniture can prove a little awkward to clean so use the upholstery tool on your vacuum cleaner to get most of the surface dust off before wiping down with a cloth. Try not to saturate the material as they don’t tend to handle moisture well. You can weatherproof with various treatments such as yacht varnish but do check the manufacturer recommendations first.

Treating wooden furniture with a bit of TLC before the winter will pay dividends,  and means that is nourished and ready for another season as soon as that spring sunshine appears. Use a soft brush in a mild detergent to clean off any green moss and dirt and allow to dry before applying the recommended preservation treatment for your furniture to ensure that it is protected against the effects of the external elements for another season.

2.    Cover
Once dry, cushions should be covered or placed into storage bags such to keep them clean and dust free through the winter. Ikea “Dimpa” bags are affordable and perfect for a small number of cushions, while ManoMano have a huge range of solutions. Before sealing up, pop a large silica gel pack, readily available on Amazon, inside as an additional moisture protection.

3.    Store
Any shed, garage or outbuilding will offer protection for your furniture but the drier the better. If you don’t have a shed, a spare room, underbed space or loft can be used for your soft furnishings and custom fitted furniture covers, or a tarpaulin will keep the worst of the weather off your furniture if you have no choice but to leave it out over the winter.

Top Tip: Keep an eye on your furniture cushions over the winter. Check in on them once a month or so to make sure that no mould or mildew is growing and that rodents haven’t taken up residence (see our top tips to keep rodents out of your shed).

The Posh Shed Company range offers a waterproof build to include a unique triple layer wall construction, this helps to keep moisture out and the inside of your shed dry and is perfect for storing garden furniture over winter. The “Comfortably Posh” and “Unbelievably Posh” options go a step further and has an insulated layer added to the floor, walls and roof,  and the benefit of double glazed windows and door.

Cushion covers


Remove & clean patio cushions before storing


Outside garden furniture


Where possible, store garden furniture out of the elements over Winter


Inside a Posh Shed


A clean dry shed is a great place to store garden furniture over the Winter


Our Top 3 Tips to Keep Rodents out of your Shed

Posted on September 3, 2021

Our Top 3 Tips to Keep Rodents out of your Shed

Garden buildings often offer the perfect environment for rodents, warm and dry, quiet, and undisturbed, and often with theMice with berries added benefit of a bird feed for sustenance and garden cushions providing superior bedding - what’s not to like! Mice are particularly known for loving the shelter of a cosy shed, so if you are looking at buying a brand-new shed, you can follow three basic steps to keep them from making your Posh Shed their home.

 1.    Keeping Mice out of the Shed in the First Place

Mice are incredible at getting into small spaces. They will find the smallest of holes, then gnaw at it until their head fits through, and once that happens – they’re in! Inspect your shed regularly for holes – not just at ground level, they can climb - and get them repaired as soon as possible.

Rodent Proof FloorA quick fix for any small holes is to pop some steel pan scourer in the hole and apply caulking around it. The Posh Shed Company customers can choose a Rodent Proof Floor option which provides a heavy duty wire welded mesh built into the floor, which is impossible for rats and mice to get through.  


2.    Don’t Leave Food Sources Available to Them

This might sound like a no-brainer, but we are not talking about the leftovers from a baking session. Mice will consider all sorts of food; bird feed is a common one, but also those sunflower seeds you are keeping for next year or even grass seed will provide an ideal mouse tasting menu.

If you keep these items in your shed, make sure that they are in a well-sealed container to avoid being a draw to rodents. Outside your shed, rotting berries left on fruit bushes are irresistible to mice, so harvest them and discard with the household rubbish. Likewise, compost will attract the little critters, try using a tumbler bin like the Tumbleweed CompostCompost Bin Tumbler and never add cooked foods to the bin – you’re just asking for trouble!

Mice love all nuts so think about any nut trees or bushes that you have or plan to have in your garden. If you are tidying up in the autumn – ensure that you discard the pile of acorns and beechnuts that you sweep up and don’t just leave them in a pile. They will also raid a squirrel or bird feeder quite happily or just harvest the dropped seeds from the ground, so if you have a problem with mice, try removing your feeder for a couple of weeks and see if that works.

Consider water sources too – like all living animals, mice need water, so buckets full of rainwater, open water butts, unfilled plant pots and even leaky garden taps can all make your garden a more attractive home environment for them.

 3.    Keeping Potential Nesting Material Elsewhere

Charcoal TrunksOld gardening magazines, cardboard, newspapers, and patio furniture cushions all make wonderful mouse house material. If you do keep these items in your shed, consider finding a hard, sealable container for them to live in – metal is best - we love the look of these Charcoal Trunks from Vonhaus - but heavy-duty plastic like these 50 litre boxes from Amazon will be a good deterrent too.

As summer draws to a close and the weather gets chillier, keep an extra vigilant eye out for signs of a furry infestation: holes in potential nesting materials, gnaw marks or unusual smells. Prevention is better than cure but if you have “got mice” the best remedy is to call the pest control professionals quickly and sort the problem out before they set their sights even closer to your home.

Visit our website to find out more about our Rodent Proof Floor or call 01544 387101 to talk to one of our advisors.

To find a reputable pest controller, visit the National Pest Technicians Association website where you can search by county for one of their members.

Bespoke Posh Shed Installed at New RHS Hilltop

Posted on August 6, 2021

Bespoke Posh Shed Installed at New RHS Hilltop

Bespoke shed at RHS WisleyThe £160m new Home of Gardening Science, has been in the making for six years and finally opened to the public at RHS Hilltop in June 2021. The first dedicated horticultural scientific centre of excellence in the UK, the development has been created with the vision of protecting the future of plants, people and the planet and is a stunning addition within the flagship RHS Garden Wisley.

Surrounding the beautiful new National Centre for Horticultural Science and Learning building designed by architects Wilkinson Eyre, are three new gardens, created by RHS Chelsea medal winners.

The World Food Garden is full of edible delights. Designed by gold medalist Ann-Marie Powell, the space includes an edible flowers and herb garden, pergolas which will be packed with passionfruit, hops and squash and a world maze garden full of diverse varieties from around the globe. Trained fruit selections can be found in the greenhouse while the apple walk links seemingly to the orchard. The Posh Shed Company were delighted to supply a bespoke Potting Shed to this garden, edible produce is put in here for the public to take away for a donation.  Posh shed in Edible garden at RHS Wisley

The Wellbeing Garden, designed by Matt Keightley, includes a series of ‘garden rooms’ inviting visitors to explore and enjoy the many ways gardens can be used for physical and psychological therapy, natural health care or simply to relax in. The garden’s purpose is to illustrate the value to people of linking with nature and enlighten a new generation to the value of ‘green therapy’.

The Wildlife Garden, also designed by Ann-Marie Powell was inspired by a bee and is a haven for pollinators. The space is segmented, like a wing, and visitors can easily associate each segment with their own garden. Water dominates the space providing stunning views and it is the first major aquatic planting scheme at RHS Wisley.

Whilst at RHS Wisley, why not visit firm favourites, the Cottage Garden for its year round charm, or plan an autumn visit to witness the stunning bonfire colours of Seven Acres.

You won’t go hungry either with no less than ­8 outlets offering to satisfy your hunger and quench your thirst. Wisley Café and The Glasshouse Café are perfect for a hot light bite, the Food Hall is perfect to pick up tasty sandwiches and salads, or try cuisine from around the globe at the World Food Café. On a lovely day, head to The Sky Terrace for a cooling organic ice cream or chill with a wonderful gin cocktail as the afternoon draws to a close. The Terrace Restaurant offers lunch or afternoon tea and is home to The Supper Club on selected evenings throughout the year.

The Contemporary Very Posh ShedDon’t forget to drop by the Garden Centre on your way out where you can see our Contemporary Shed being used as the Customer Service point and The Chelsea  Shed is also on display within the garden centre.

Click here to book your visit to RHS Wisley and RHS Hilltop (booking is not required to visit the Garden Centre). If you can’t visit just yet – explore the map of Wisley to whet your appetite!

Overcoming a Global Shortage of Wood

Posted on August 6, 2021

Overcoming a Global Shortage of Wood

A note from The Posh Shed Company CEO, Mike Sullivan Mike Sullivan CEO of The Posh Shed Company

This has been an interesting year for The Posh Shed Company in so many ways. As if global pandemics weren’t enough, now we are facing unprecedented global supply chain issues that affect any industry, whose primary consumable is timber. Timber prices have risen by a staggering 100% since January 2021 and suppliers are now starting to ration timber and wood-based products to manufacturers.

Coping Strategy
We have been fortunate enough so far to avoid any material outages, but we have only been able to do this by leveraging our supplier relationships and micromanaging our timber usage. These actions have enabled us to secure our product pricing (for the time being at least), enabling continuity of supply and making sure that our lead-times to our customers are not unduly affected.

What is causing the supply of timber problem and how long is it likely to last?
In recent years, the UK has been lucky enough to have access to significant supplies of materials with extremely short lead times, this was accentuated further in 2019 due to significant stockpiling ahead of Brexit. In November 2020 it was reported that over 1 million m3 of timber and panel products were imported into the UK, 21% higher than the same month in the previous year and a 13 year high. The outbreak of Covid-19 forced many European sawmills to close and as a consequence, production was halted. Unfortunately, the surpluses washing around in 2019 did not compensate for the loss of production in Q2 2020. Solid wood imports were 8% below the same period in 2019 and panel product imports were 15% lower.

Global Timber ShortagesWorking from home

Unprecedented Demand
With over 46% of employed people working from home in April 2020, summer approaching and foreign holidays being cancelled, thoughts inevitably drifted to improving home environments to make the most of the additional time being spent there.

Directly impacted by these effects, most markets across the developed economies saw a drastic acceleration in demand for building materials, mainly for DIY and garden projects, leaving Britain’s supply chain depleted with little stock left for manufacturing sale.

The USA also saw a rapid surge in demand and subsequently turned their interests to the key sawmills in Europe, diverting their stock to the USA where prices have spiralled and continue to set new records.

Consumer demand for timber products in the UK is still very high, leaving hardly any opportunity for sawmills to catch up. COVID-19 cases are still surging in many countries around the world, including Sweden, the UK’s largest timber-supplying partner. The increase in cases has resulted in a tightening of operating conditions and most recently interruptions such as the “Pingdemic” where transport staff are required to self-isolate, delay supply further. 

In contrast China, the world’s fastest growing economy, has slowed from 18% annual growth to 6% and is falling. Should the Chinese economy take a turn and start to boom again and demand from the USA remains high, the rest of the world will continue to see shortages and a rapid price inflation.

What is the Future of Timber Supply in Britain?
It seems inevitable, given all the statistics available to us, that the difficult conditions being experienced in the supply of timber and building products will continue well into 2022. It is expected that we will start to see some relief as the UK’s demands reduce and we move into the winter months, but for the time being at The Posh Shed Company, it’s about “stringent control” of our material usage and working with our suppliers to ensure continuity of both the quality and supply of our timber requirements in the short term.

The Posh Shed Team member If you are thinking about enquiring about our range of Posh Sheds and Back Door Stores, don’t hold back! Our friendly team are here to answer your questions and advise you on your choices, and a real person will pick up your call, Monday to Friday, between 9am and 4.45pm. 01544 387101


The Richmond Shed - 30% off Comfortably Posh build

Posted on July 16, 2021

Celebrating The Launch of The Richmond

 Work from home with a comfortable 30% discount

The Richmond Shed - A garden office perfect for working from home inOur new shed, The Richmond fits beautifully into any garden space. We really love this new design and we are very keen to get The Richmond Shed into the gardens of Britain, so to celebrate the launch, we are offering a huge 30% discount on the “Comfortably Posh” build for a limited time.

The gable over the door allows for the windows and door to share the same aspect – ideal if you are looking to locate your garden office at the bottom of the garden. Once inside, the location of the door provides two distinct areas for working, with space for a desk set up and a further area for storage, a drawing board or even a place for relaxation.

 The Richmond - 30% Off “Comfortably Posh” Build

With the rise of homeworking due to the pandemic, customers have been telling us that they were looking for a solution to free up their dining table and create a dedicated home office, so we launched the new “Comfortably Posh” build earlier in 2021 to appeal to those who crave a workspace that won’t take over their home or look out of place in their garden.

The Posh Shed Company’s “Comfortably Posh” sheds are perfect for homeworkers - fully insulated floor, ceiling and walls together with double-glazed windows make these garden buildings ideal for working from all year round. Of course, they’re pretty stylish too – you wouldn’t expect anything less from our designers at The Posh Shed Company!The Richmond Shed - Fully insulated & double glazed

 Made from pressure treated timber, providing durability to protect from moisture and decay while keeping that traditional wooden “shed look”.  With a protective high quality waterproof membrane and guttering  fitted moisture stays where it belongs, on the outside.  A choice of roof options is offered to style the shed to its surroundings perfectly. Insulation and double-glazed windows ensure that your “Shoffice” is cosy to work from all year round.

 The Richmond - 30% Off “Comfortably Posh” Build

The Richmond Shed in “Comfortably Posh” build includes delivery and installation to most of mainland Britain and is available in 6 sizes priced from £6,859 (previously £9,799) for the 10ft x 6ft version.
This 30% discount is available for a limited time until 31st August 2021.

             The Richmond Shed - Stylish garden offices The Richmond Shed - Pretty Garden officeThe Richmond Shed - A perfect place to work from home in






Shed Working - A New Working from Home Solution!

Posted on April 26, 2021

Shed Working - A New Working from Home Solution!

Comfortably Posh Contemporary Shed

The practice of working from home has seen a steady increase in recent years, but the Covid-19 outbreak saw numbers rise quicker than ever with those working from home for the first time hastily looking for a home office set up. 

Comfortably Posh Potting Shed

With this in mind, we have launched a new build for our Sheds, “Comfortably Posh”. Finished in pressure treated timber with a choice of 3 different roof finishes, Comfortably Posh includes delivery and installation as standard, full insulation throughout together with guttering and double glazing.

Comfortably Posh Kensington Shed

Sheds which work particularly well for home working include The Contemporary, a modern and stylish Shed with an offset roof to make the most of natural light, while the classic Potting Shed is perfect for those wanting to retain a traditional look in their garden.

For something a little different, the Gothic Shed adds drama with its pretty wavy fascia boards and Gothic arch detailing to the windows and door.

Comfortably Posh Gothic Shed

The Ludlow and Kensington are ideal as a “Zoom Rooms” while the brand new Wimbledon (based on a popular National Garden Scheme design), will offer a large working space with the addition of a beautiful galleried veranda providing the most inspirational working from home setting.

A range of accessories including additional windows and shelving is available and each style is available in a range of sizes with fully installed prices starting at £5,257 for the Ludlow “Zoom Room”.