Same Posh, Less Dosh

Posted on June 26, 2018

Posh Shed

Regular visitors to The Posh Shed Company may have noticed some changes afoot. As well as having a bit of a facelift we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to create some great new products which we’re certain will get your interest piqued!

So, what’s new?

We’ve added a whole new dimension to the Posh Shed range – you can now choose just how posh you want to go with your garden architecture. Like a bit of DIY? No problem, the new “Posh” option gives you the chance to build your very own Posh Shed using a pre-treated, ready to build kit delivered straight to your back door.
Prefer the job done for you? The “Very Posh” option includes both delivery and installation along with a few extra options such as paint colour and roof choices.

Posh build


“Now you can choose to install your own Posh Shed”

If you’re “Unbelievably Posh” you can just sit back and enjoy our top-spec package – full insulation and lining, guttering, double glazing, solar panel and even a stylish weathervane to adorn your beautiful building.


“Backdoor stores are bigger and offer a greater range of styles”

The BackDoor Stores have had a bit of a rethink too, we’ve given the cupboard stores a little more in the way of depth and double pent back door storewidth, so you’ve got more internal space for all those muddy boots and gardening bits without losing too much extra space around the outside.

 Is anything the same?

The changes bring a whole new feel to both the Posh Shed and Back Door Store ranges but what we’re never going to change is our excellent quality and inimitable style. You can absolutely depend on each and every item that leaves our Herefordshire workshop being of the very best workmanship.

Our great bespoke service remains the same – if you don’t see quite what you need on the website or in the brochure let us know! If you can imagine it, we can build it to your specifications.

gothic boot store