£6,545 donated to Charity

Posted on December 10, 2018

National Garden Scheme Posh Shed

Since launching the National Garden Scheme Posh Shed design in 2015, we are very proud to have donated a total of £6,545 to the charity.

 The design, which was agreed with the National Garden Scheme, is completely different in style to any other in the Posh Shed range but is built to the same high quality.

We have been delighted at the positive response to our National Garden Scheme shed.  Customers are pleased with not only the ample storage space inside, but how well it looks in their gardens and the peace haven provided by the veranda.

 George Plumptre, the chief executive of the National Garden Scheme commented
‘For the last 3 years the Posh Shed Company has very generously supported us by donating a per centage of the proceeds from the sale on the shed.  I know that our garden owners are a very discerning audience and so I am sure that the Posh Shed’s quality throughout will appeal to them and I look forward to continuing to develop a fruitful partnership.’

See more information on the National Garden Scheme, gardens to visit and the Charites it supports.




Cosy fires & winter nights

Posted on December 10, 2018

A cosy blanket, fluffy slippers and the smell of woodsmoke in the air – winter is here and it’s the very best time of year for kicking back and relaxing in front of the open fire on a chilly night.

Gone are the days when everyone and his dog owned an open fire or log stove as a matter of course; in recent times they’ve become something of a luxury item and (we’re very happy to report) are making a huge comeback as a lifestyle essential.

There are three very important things to know about producing your own wood-fuelled heat; what to burn, how to burn it, Cosy fireand how to store it when you’re not burning it.

Firstly, and arguably most importantly, when you buy firewood or logs you must make sure that they are well seasoned. This prevents your chimney, and the environment, getting clogged up with all that extra creosote generated by burning green wood.

The type of wood you choose to burn is all down to personal preference and what is available to you but try to look out for a sustainable local supplier to keep the delivery miles low. Softwood ignites quickly and with a hotter, briefer flame than hardwood, which tends to take longer to burn – keeping the fire going hotter for longer.

Tip: An easy way to identify if your wood is well-seasoned is by checking the end grain. If the log ends have little cracks in, then the wood is ready for the stove and should burn cleanly with minimal hissing.

Building a fire is an ancient skill which has kept humans alive for thousands of years. It should be second nature, right? Well no. Many of us grew up with gas or electric fires with no real logs in sight, so some may need a little extra help in this department.
After checking that the chimney is drawing and the fireplace or stove is nice and clean, you’re ready to lay your fire.

  • First, place your firelighter or tinder in the grate, half a dozen pieces of crumpled up newspaper will do.
  • Next, set the kindling. Place small pieces of dry wood (softwood is good for this) over the tinder. The smaller pieces of kindling you use the better the fire will be. Remember to leave gaps in between for air to circulate!
  • Now to set more wood. Once you have a good bed of kindling over your firelighter or tinder start to add larger pieces of seasoned firewood, your fuel. With an open fire one or two criss-crossed layers of wood should do to start with.
  • Ignition! Light the firelighter or tinder and stand back to appreciate your efforts. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to shut the damper of your fireplace or air controls on your stove, let the fire breathe for a few minutes.

Now sit back, relax and enjoy.

Gothic wood storeWhen you’re not burning the logs you’ll  need somewhere to keep them – The Posh Shed Company’s range of stores have been designed to be a stylish and functional addition to the garden.
When deciding on where to put your store try not to site it between sheds, or down alley ways, where the logs will be sheltered from the weather, as this will hamper the seasoning of the logs. 

The ideal spot will be South-facing in a place that catches the prevailing wind, somewhere not too far from the house, unless you enjoy slippered trips to the bottom of the garden for more wood in the middle of the night!

A Posh Shed's Work is Never Done

Posted on November 9, 2018

Through the summer months, our shed doors are open on a regular basis as we complete our constant stream of garden chores – tools, flowerpots, furniture and garden toys move in and out of the space; being used and put away, used and put away again.

As every gardener knows, as Autumn arrives and the garden begins to be packed away, this is the time of year that really 10ft x 8ft Gothic Posh Shedtests your Posh Shed.   Things that may have spent the past six months outdoors come home to roost, and we’re left questioning how on earth it all fitted in in the first place.

Maybe, you think, it’s time you got yourself a larger shed. The Posh Shed Company’s standard products in the Potting, Contemporary and Gothic styles go up to 10’ by 8’, and there’s no limit to size on the bespoke products. Room for everything!

Combined shelf & tool rack

 Even if you’re happy with the size of your Posh Shed there are improvements that can be made easily and effectively; improve the lighting for those dull Autumn evenings by adding a solar panel to the roof or fit a couple of new shelves or hooks to keep all those extra bits you bought this year spick and span.


Some very simple steps can be taken to help prepare a Posh Shed for the prolonged dormant period of winter, when the Great British weather and variable outdoor conditions can take their toll on the condition of garden buildings, even posh ones.

Start with a thorough inspection, look for any signs of wear and tear and work out what repair work might need doing and get it done before it’s far too nasty to get out and do it.

 1.            Check the roof from both the outside and in. Make sure there are no chipped or slipped tiles, and that the lining doesn’t have and holes that may let water in.

 2.            Be vigilant for any signs of damp or mould. This will only get worse with the cold weather so gently remove any patches with a diluted bleach solution as soon as they’re spotted.

 Gothic Posh Shed3.            Make sure the drainage, if you have it, is all connected properly, and that any rain water runoff will be directed away from the shed. Avoid a soggy bottom at all costs.

 4.            Inspect the doors and windows; making sure the wood is in good condition, isn’t damaged, and that the seals are all intact with no gaps. This is also a good time to replace any broken or cracked window panes that you’ve been ignoring! Be sure to give any hinges and latches a good oiling too so you won’t be struggling with a rusty lock when spring comes around.

5.            It’s vital to clear any debris, not just from the roof but from all around the shed, and to do this on a regular basis. Excess weight on the roof can cause damage, and a build-up of leaves around the base can cause unwelcome damp and rot, which isn’t nice. If you notice the snow piling up on the roof, take a few minutes to clear it off with a broom or rake. Snow and ice can weigh down the roof of a shed causing problems over time.

 6.            Take the time to visit your Posh Shed – open the windows and door on fair days to encourage fresh air to flow through. This will reduce the possibility of mould and ensure your Posh Shed doesn’t get too lonely through the winter.


Great British Garden Visitors

Posted on October 1, 2018

Great British Garden Visitors

The mornings are bright and chill, the evenings are becoming shorter and the leaves are beginning to tumble from the trees. There’s definitely a nip in the air as we load our barrows with the first of many loads of fallen leaves for composting and the smell of bonfires is starting to drift through the afternoons. But what of our garden visitors? Autumn is a time of forage and preparation for many of our garden friends as they equip themselves for the long cold winter ahead and sometimes, especially in our more urban gardens, a little assistance is needed.

Bat BoxBat Boxes (PSC160144)
They may have a bit of a reputation, but bats play an essential part in the biodiversity of the planet and are a sure sign of a healthy garden.
Changing farming methods and urban development have resulted in natural habitats becoming harder to find and it’s up to us to create new ones to help bats survive and thrive.  A Posh Bat box is built to B.C.T. recommended specifications, designed to be draught free and thermally stable. A perfect spot to spend the winter for our furry flying friends as they look for new homes this October.
For further advice on helping bats in the garden visit the Bat Conservation Trust’s list of tips.

 Wooden Bird BoxesBird Boxes (PSC161062)
Not all birds migrate for the winter months, so it’s important to make sure they have a cosy spot to call their own.
A Posh Bird Box offers a snug home for non-migratory birds and placed in a sheltered spot it can make a real difference to a feathery family.
Keep your birds bursting with energy with regular treats of overripe fruit, hanging feeders full of seeds and lots of suet or fat balls. Make sure you use the same place every time and keep feeders topped up – going out looking for new food spots can use a lot of precious flying time during the short winter days.

Hedgehog House (PSC180493)Hedgehog House
Hedgehogs start looking for new homes during the months of September and October as they get ready to settle down for their nice long winter rest.
Purpose built hedgehog houses and regular feeding of tinned cat or dog food alongside “wild” areas of the garden really welcome them in to share our urban spaces with us. Make sure that the bonfire is thoroughly checked for sleepy hedgehogs before lighting and never leave milk out for them as this upsets prickly tummies.

 Hedgehog House

The Posh Shed Company Just Got Posher!

Posted on July 19, 2018

The Posh Shed Company Just Got Posher!

Tin Hat Back Door Store2018 has been an amazing year of growth so far for The Posh Shed Company; with new options in sheds, a new range of back door stores and brand new designs for bird, bat and hedgehog houses being made available for the first time on our new-look website and officially launched at the prestigious RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show in July.

We’re incredibly proud, and more than a little excited, to be able to announce that all of The Posh Shed Company products, from the smallest birdboxes to the largest bespoke sheds and all the backdoor stores in between, have received official endorsement from the Royal Horticultural Society.

So what does this mean?RHS

The RHS has been absolutely committed to bringing the joy of gardening to everyone for over 150 years and works with carefully selected companies, often the best in their fields, to develop products meeting the highest standards of quality and design. The RHS has been licensing products for more than a decade, so they know what they’re about when choosing companies to produce high-quality, beautifully designed products for gardeners.

Receiving endorsement across our whole range of products, rather than just one, is great recognition for all the work, care and dedication that goes into to designing and making a Posh Shed product; from the initial idea, through the lengthy design process and all the way to final production in the best quality materials by experienced woodworkers before the delivery and installation takes place by the very same people who made the product in our Herefordshire workshop.

Richard Frost 

A few words from our CEO, Richard Frost: “We, like the RHS, believe that gardening enriches lives and we express that through our products which, we feel, both support gardening as enhance the garden environment. We’re thrilled to receive the endorsement of the UK’s best loved gardening charity”


Same Posh, Less Dosh

Posted on June 26, 2018

Posh Shed

Regular visitors to The Posh Shed Company may have noticed some changes afoot. As well as having a bit of a facelift we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to create some great new products which we’re certain will get your interest piqued!

So, what’s new?

We’ve added a whole new dimension to the Posh Shed range – you can now choose just how posh you want to go with your garden architecture. Like a bit of DIY? No problem, the new “Posh” option gives you the chance to build your very own Posh Shed using a pre-treated, ready to build kit delivered straight to your back door.
Prefer the job done for you? The “Very Posh” option includes both delivery and installation along with a few extra options such as paint colour and roof choices.

Posh build


“Now you can choose to install your own Posh Shed”

If you’re “Unbelievably Posh” you can just sit back and enjoy our top-spec package – full insulation and lining, guttering, double glazing, solar panel and even a stylish weathervane to adorn your beautiful building.


“Backdoor stores are bigger and offer a greater range of styles”

The BackDoor Stores have had a bit of a rethink too, we’ve given the cupboard stores a little more in the way of depth and double pent back door storewidth, so you’ve got more internal space for all those muddy boots and gardening bits without losing too much extra space around the outside.

 Is anything the same?

The changes bring a whole new feel to both the Posh Shed and Back Door Store ranges but what we’re never going to change is our excellent quality and inimitable style. You can absolutely depend on each and every item that leaves our Herefordshire workshop being of the very best workmanship.

Our great bespoke service remains the same – if you don’t see quite what you need on the website or in the brochure let us know! If you can imagine it, we can build it to your specifications.

gothic boot store





The Posh Shed Company at Hampton Court

Posted on May 31, 2018

The Posh Shed Company at Hampton Court

Posh Sheds have always been just that bit special. It’s something that the team here at The Posh Shed Company are incredibly proud of and we’re always looking for great ways to bring that special-ness out of the workshop for all to admire.

Which is why we’re returning to the brilliant RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show for the 4th year running.

This year promises to be the biggest show yet; with hundreds of exhibitors showing off their gardens, plants, accessories and gardening gadgets from around the globe, more than 20 gorgeous gardens and some new things too!

What’s New at Hampton for 2018?

Horticultural Heroes- A new feature which celebrates amazing horticulturalists from around the world. This year influential Dutch garden designer and a leading figure of the New Perennial type of planting, Piet Oudolf, will be creating a whimsical walk-through feature for our delight and enjoyment.

The beautiful border will sit opposite the Palace, using favourite plants such as Astilbe, Schizachyrium and Monarda - all coming together in a romantic display of colour and texture.

Mixed flowers

“Piet’s design features matrix planting of Stipa barbata, better known as feather grass”

 The Roots of Time- Ever wondered what the first plants on earth were or pondered how we have such a rich diversity of plants today? To answer these questions, a theatrical and interactive feature has been created to explore the evolution of plants through the ages.

From the earliest organisms, through ferns and to the rich flora we enjoy today, this fascinating display will take you on an incredible journey telling the story of plants – from seedling to leafy giant.

Shopping- As well as taking in the brilliant variety of inspirational gardens and, of course, the annual Festival of Roses, if we’re not on our stand we’ll be off shopping in the fabulous Floral Marquee. We’re promised a host of brand new floral exhibitors for this year as well as a veritable bouquet of choice in the Plant Village too.

The Potting and Chelsea Posh Shed
“You can find us on Stand no.448 with a selection of Posh Sheds and gardening goodies”

If you’re heading to Hampton (3rd-8th July 2018) please do call by Stand 448 and take a look through our marvellous selection of Posh Sheds. This year we’re bringing along the NGS, The SouthwoldGothic and Potting  sheds as well as the Gothic Boot Store, Gardener’s Chair, Back Door Store and our beautiful Bird Boxes.

See you there!

Treat Dad to something Posh this Fathers Day

Posted on May 26, 2018


Dads are important too – so this Fathers’ Day, why not treat him to something a bit posher than the usual pair of socks or bottle of wine.

If your Dad is a keen gardener, with a taste for the finer things in life, a gift for the garden for the whole family to enjoy could be just the thing to show him how much you care.

It’s not just sheds that The Posh Shed Company specialise in, there is something for every budget, from planters to sheds, so every Dad can have a posh gift this year!

Posh Planters

Posh Planters are made from FSC preserved timber, are extremely hard wearing and are available in a great range of colours.  There are three sizes available and they are supplied with an internal plastic pot and slatted tanolised bases.

The Garden Chair is the perfect spot for Dad to rest his weary self after a hard day’s gardening.Garden Chair

Available with a variety of messages, the customised treated wood throne is ideal for giving Dad his well-deserved place in the garden for years to come. 

The posh Gothic Boot Store is perfect for stowing away muddy boots before they have a chance to traipse through the house!

Gothic Boot StoreDesigned to fit against a house or garden wall without being obtrusive, this understated design will add both style and practicality the garden. Made from pre-treated tanalised timber that is guaranteed against rot for 3 years, the store also has a raised, solid tanalised decking floor to prevent damp. The cedar shingle roofs have waterproof membranes, protecting the store, and its contents from downpours.


A bespoke design just for Dad!

The Posh Shed Company specialises in bespoke design and all of its products can be tailored to your Dad’s exact tastes, requirements and garden size.

Your Dad’s one of a kind, so why not have something completely unique made just for him?


Where to see us in 2018

Posted on May 13, 2018

Where to Find a Posh Shed in 2018

We’re often asked if we have a showroom for our Posh Sheds – with eleven standard designs and hundreds of different variations (not to mention the thousands of bespoke options we offer!) we’d need a really, REALLY big space.

Of course, visitors are always welcome to pop by for a cup of tea and a digestive in our Herefordshire workshop; but we do realise that isn’t an option for everyone, which is why we try and get out and about as much as we can, so you can get a really good look at the superior quality (and gorgeous colours) of our beautiful sheds and Posh Gardening accessories.

This summer you’ll be able to come and see us at RHS Hampton Court Flower Show, we’ll be on stand 448 along with our NGS, Southwold, Gothic and Potting Shed designs as well as some of our Posh Gardening Bird Boxes, Gardener’s Chair and Back Door Stores.

Click here to read more about our Posh Sheds at Hampton Court

We’re also supporters of the NGS and have our NGS design in several of the open gardens around the country, so you’re sure to find one near you. You can find the full list here.


“Our NGS Shed raises money for the scheme from every sale”

 If you have no plans for shows or open gardens this year, don’t worry! You can find our Posh Sheds taking pride of place in two South of England garden centres too:

Owned and run by Martin and Rachael Penny, Coastal Garden Buildings in Dorset offers a range of services from site surveys to groundwork, electrics and even a painting service. You’ll find our two Tin Hat designs and the Potting Shed with cedar shingle displayed among the fabulous conservatories, summerhouses and log cabins.

At Van Hage’s Chenies garden centre in Hertfordshire you’ll find gardening supplies of all variety, from seeds and plants to that new favourite BBQ and outdoor dining set you’ve been looking for. You’ll also find our two Tin Hat designs, The Gardener and the Anderson especially for you.

Coastal Garden Centre

Van Hage

Christchurch Display site
Stewarts Garden Lands
Lyndhurst Road
BH23 4SA

Nr. Rickmansworth



Win a special edition 2017 Purple Bird Box

Posted on March 6, 2018

Over on our Facebook page, we’ve teamed up with Town & Country to offer one lucky mum some Posh Shed purple themed gardening goodies.

We’re giving away a limited edition version of our 2017 Posh Bird Box, painted purple. The prize also includes a pair of Master Gardener gloves from Town & Country, in aubergine to complement the bird box!



Head over to our Facebook page  to win! All you have to do is comment on the competition post telling us why your mum deserves to win.


The competition closes at midnight on Mother’s Day and the winner will be notified soon after.

The winner must a UK resident.



Spring buyer’s guide to sheds

Posted on February 18, 2018

The garden shed is the Mary Poppin’s handbag of the garden. A seemingly endless treasure trove of tools, lawnmowers, bikes, garden furniture and anything else that won’t fit in the loft, a shed plays a vital role. Because of that, choosing the right one can often be tricky and there’s a lot of pressure to make sure you invest in the correct one that stands the test of time!

The Posh Shed Company has five top tips to ensure your new shed is just right.

1. Size is everything!
The first thing to decide is how much storage space you need, not only that but also what would still be in-keeping with your garden. You may think you need the world’s largest shed to store everything, but you also need to consider what looks the most natural. Alternatively, if space is limited, perhaps look into move unique solutions like the Allotment Shed which has a plantable roof to add greenery for those with smaller spaces. Posh Sheds are available from 6’ x 3’ to 10’ x 8’, or bespoke creations can be made to your exact measurements and specifications.

2. Position
When positioning your shed, bear access in mind to ensure you can easily get to its contents – (even in the rain). It may be helpful too to place it near a path to save walking over the lawn. If your shed is to serve a practical purpose then you will appreciate it being nearer the house, but if it’s to be your new sanctuary or an additional room for some peace and quiet, or even a home office, then you’ll soon thank yourself for having it as far away from the house as possible!

Planning permission is not usually required for a new shed, however if you are concerned we recommend contacting your local planning authority just to check.

 A sturdy base is the foundation of all great sheds! Below the base of the shed, you will require a sub-base, i.e. something for it to stand on. This can be gravel, slabs, concrete or tarmac, and we can assist with this. If the sub-base is larger than shed’s footprint then guttering is recommended.

 3. Built to last
Your shed should be built to last. It should be durable, strong and ready to take on the elements. We always use a high quality redwood timber to give superior strength, which is then pinned together for additional resilience and fully treated with timber protection.

 Posh Sheds’ floors are made with an 18mm  plywood, with the upper surface having a coat of preservative, tanolised timber bearers and a waterproof membrane are added for extra protection. Our walls are uniquely built using a triple wall construction, not available from any other shed manufacturer.  We use a redwood timber frame, then a 6mm WBP Plywood skin fitted to the inside, with cladding, again made of redwood timber, on the outside.  A fully waterproof and breathable membrane is also fitted between layers.

 4. Style – our forte!
A shed is no longer just a wooden construction that people want to hide. It should be the star of the garden, a perfect way to add some extra style. Whether it’s for storage, practical gardening and potting, or something entirely different, there is a shed style for you.

From traditional to potting or gothic to beach hut inspired; with built-in storage, facias and windows there are many things to choose from. That’s before you get to the roof! Our roofs are all finished with a layer of weatherproof membrane and then either slate effect tiles, wooden cedar shingles or felt shingles.

People spend hours deliberating over the paint choice for inside their house so why not have the same approach for your shed?  We use high-end paint brands to give our sheds a perfect finish in a whole variety of colours to really help personalise your shed.

5. Accessorise!
You can personalise your shed through accessorising. A bespoke creation allows you the freedom to pick your windows, the placement of them and the fittings for them. Likewise, you can choose the details for your doors with our furniture available in black, chrome or brass effect. Our windows and doors, with the option of toughened glass, are in robust frames, hinged to keep the elements out. We recommend guttering to extend the longevity of your shed and to protect the wood from the varied British weather.

Inside the shed you can add shelving, work benches, hooks, racks and cupboards. You can even now have solar power, so you can stay outdoors longer by powering a lamp and even your phone charger.

The most common New years resolutions

Posted on January 30, 2018

12 Ways Gardening Can Help You Keep Your News Year’s Resolution

The most common New years resolution, for people are:

  • Exercise more
  • Lose Weight
  • Eat More Healthily
  • Save money
  • Learn a new skill or hobby
  • Spend more time on personal wellbeing
  • Spend more time with family and friends.

Did you know you can achieve all these from the comfort of your own garden!

Not convinced?

Resolution 1: Exercise more and Lose weight.

Whether this means losing weight or exercising more, gardening can help! There’s plenty to do in the garden that will give you a good workout. In addition to burning calories, gardening can strengthen muscle, improve balance, and build endurance.

Digging – wielding a spade can burn upwards of 500 calories an hour

Pulling weeds – bending squatting and pulling weeds burns about 230 calories an hour

Raking – raking leaves and garden debris burns about 220 calories an hour

Resolution 2: Eat Healthier

Thousands of people make new year’s resolutions because most of us want to do better in some way with each new year.

Resolution 3: Save more money

Growing your own will save money on fresh organic produce for your family. Plus, if you’re spending days out in the garden, you’re not out spending money on activities and shopping for things you don’t really need.

Resolution 4: Learn a new skill or hobby

Gardening is a fantastic, healthy hobby; and its fun for those who like to experiment. With gardening, you’re always learning.

Resolution 5: Spend more time on personal wellbeing

We all want to get more done in the day. And you might wonder how adding garden tasks to your to-do list could possibly help you get more done. Gardening will improve your mood, help you clear your mind, and calm your nerves so you are more productive. Plus, gardening is a very productive hobby all on its own. A garden needs to be tended, and completing garden chores is a perfect opportunity for some peace and quiet. Or maybe you prefer to play music and dance while you work in the garden.

Resolution 6: Spend more time with family.

During busy work, school, and sports schedules, perhaps you don’t get to spend time with your family. The garden is a great place to gather and work together. Show the kids all the bugs. Taste test different types of fruits and vegetables and talk about which ones you like and don’t like. Give them their own set of garden tools for playing in the dirt.