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Its Smokey

Posted on December 22, 2015

Goodness me it’s been a busy year hasn’t it.  I don’t know where the time goes these days.

There have been lots of new products launched by The Posh Shed Company.  My owners bought a Posh Smoke House. It’s lovely to have company in the garden and it was really super to have news from home.  

Old Smokey has been working overtime in the last couple of months and there’s no prizes for guessing what my owners will be giving everyone for Christmas this year and woe betide anyone who doesn’t like smoked cheese because there’s plenty of it to go around!! 

Actually it’s been lots of fun to watch my owners experimenting with Old Smokey and there will be a sort of variety in the presents they give to friends and family. 

They’ve made oak-y smoked cheese, apple-y smoked cheese, hickory smoked cheese, cherry smoked cheese and my personal favourite, whiskey smoked cheese!

My owners are hosting the family Christmas dinner and the starter is going to feature home smoked salmon… I’m just hoping they don’t experiment too much with that… I can’t imagine cherry smoked salmon would taste very nice ….

Take care everyone, hope you get lots of lovely presents and see you next year.

The Posh Shed