She Shed

Posted on August 19, 2015

She Sheds.

She Sheds are the latest buzz word in the shed world but here at the Posh Shed Company we have been making sheds for women to use as their own private haven for many years; the majority of these commissions have come from women seeking work space outside the confines of the home, for whom it makes practical sense to turn their garden sheds into office or craft spaces.

These so called “she sheds” have elevated the humble garden shed to new heights in terms of both comfort and design .

A beautiful example of one of our sheds that was then decorated by its owner and turned into a “She Shed” won a bronze award at RHS Malvern this year. 

“The Perfect Commute” designed by Deborah Bird of “Beholder’s Eye”, featured a 9 ft. x 7 ft. Posh Gothic Shed with slate effect roof that had been transformed into a home office and reflects the aspiration of many people to escape from the daily grind of commuting to the office.

She Sheds have however been around in all but name for a long time.

In I915 the first ever British Women’s Institute meeting was held in a garden shed in Anglesey; could that have been the first “she shed”?

A recent television programme by Lucy Worsley “Cake Bakers and Trouble Makers” did much to counter the image of the WI as outdated and its members as “busy bodies”.  It reminded us that the origins of the WI were very closely linked to the suffragette movement and that the slow hand clapping of Tony Blair in 2000 was far from the first time the WI had refused to be patronised.

The WI’s ethos has always been about empowerment and equality; it’s been called the “first social network” because most of its early groups were established in rural communities where women were often lonely and isolated so it wouldn’t seem to far a leap to credit these ladies far-sighted and socially aware women with the invention of the she shed!

The WI centennial Fair is taking place in Harrogate from the 3rd to 6th of September.


The Grandchildren come to stay

Posted on August 11, 2015

Oh Lordy –it’s the school holidays and my owners daughter has brought her twin boys to stay for a few days, I don’t mind, but one of them is a tear-away;  always kicking a football up against me, I’m mean I’m sturdy enough to withstand it, of course I am, I’m made of slow grown redwood pine,  my tight grain makes me the strongest shed on the block , but I’m just not meant to have a football kicked against me for hour after hour.  It’s soooo demeaning.

It was drizzling this morning and there was no sign of the football (or the twins) so I was counting my blessings, until I saw the door open and heard my owner shout “Its only drizzle, I’m fed up of hearing your silly computer games, go out into the fresh air and play”

 “Let’s play with the Shed” said John, and then my mood sank even lower as he said, “We could cover it in mud and pretend we are living in Africa”, oh Reader I was shaking on my scalpings … 

“I don’t think Grandad would like us to cover the shed in mud” piped up James.  “Why don’t we make a den inside the shed instead” … 

“Gran has lots of blankets in the shed, we could hang them over stuff and make a brilliant den” said James, “and then we could ask Gran if we could have lunch in our den.”

“Yeah” said John , always swayed by mention of food. 

For the next hour I was subjected to the most unmentionable indignities while the boys moved everything around, completely destroying my natural order and hung blankets from the bench at the far end to the wheelbarrow and lawn mower at the front.  

It was quite an ordeal but I stayed strong ...and after all its not often the childen come to see me and its nice to have the company.

Will speak again soon

The Posh Shed