A new baby for Fathers Day

Posted on June 18, 2015

There’s a new grandchild in the family this year so father’s day is even more exciting as my family’s son has become a father for the first time.  There was talk of all sorts of ways to celebrate but a lovely barbeque lunch in the garden won the vote and obviously the best part of that is that I can be a part of the celebrations.

I can’t wait! The new baby is a little girl and I’m going to have pink bunting tied around the top of my veranda and pink balloons fixed to my balustrade rails and I just love pink!  I’ve been entrusted with looking after the bunting and balloons and they are being safely stored on my shelving because no-one else can be trusted to remember where they’ve put them!  It’s such a responsibility and of course the best bit is, did I mention, everything is pink!

I care for the barbeque and garden chairs all year round of course and these have been taken out and checked over. I must admit I did feel a little huffy about that; as if anything would come to harm under my watch; I mean seriously!  My roof and walls were fully waterproofed when I was born!  Still I decided to forgive Mrs O as she is just so excited about the baby and was quite funny to watch Mr O complaining about having to prepare things three weeks in advance. It’s a barbeque he said, not a military campaign!  I had to laugh.

Mrs O didn’t listen, she’s very good at that and now everything is super clean and a few spiders that had actually been quite tiresome have scuttled off so we are all happy and looking forward to the big day.  

Of course we are hoping for perfect weather; not too hot for baby and no rain but even if the weather is not quite perfect, I’ll be quite happy to shelter Mr and Mrs O and the new baby under my veranda roof. The rest of the family will have to make their own arrangements, just as long as they leave the bunting alone; it’s pink you know ….

Speak again soon

The Posh Shed