Winter is upon us

Posted on December 11, 2014

Hello to you all, can you believe it is December already, where has 2014 gone? It does mean we have Christmas to look forward to though. I hope you’re all modelling some delightfully silly Christmas jumpers, I wonder if they do them in Posh Shed size? Who’s off to a fancy fun Christmas party? Ladies get your posh frocks out and gents, I’m sure there’s a singing flashing tie hiding in the back of your wardrobe somewhere. Unfortunately they don’t do frocks for sheds but don’t worry, I’m not left out because I am modelling some fancy pants guttering which keeps me looking fresh and feeling damp free. I think you’ll all agree our frosty winter is quite enough coldness to deal with without being damp as well!

Log StoreAlthough having said that, my owner is not letting the cold keep her out of the garden, she came and kept me company the other day whilst sitting and painting a beautiful robin with its radiant red belly. Mr Robin looked like he was having a great time hopping in and out of his Posh Bird Box, he seemed very fond of his home. I hope my owner comes to visit me again soon, secretly hoping she might even bring me a mince pie. If she does my friend Mr Log Store will be so jealous, maybe he’ll get one too. He certainly deserves one, modest as he is, he does an excellent job keeping the logs neat and dry and with this cold weather, a fully stocked log store for those cosy fires is
certainly needed. Maybe Santa will bring you one, only if you’ve been good of course.

Well I hope you all enjoy the festive season, don’t go eating too many mince pies now and I will look forward to speaking to you in the New Year.

 Merry Christmas

 The Posh Shed