Autumn is here

Posted on November 4, 2014

Autumn has arrived with a vengeance this week. Wet and Windy but I’m lovely and dry inside.

Due to a lovely dry, warm September we are still busy building and delivering sheds. One of my fellow Posh Sheds has even gone to Switzerland. I’m certainly going to be warmer than him this winter but I’m sure he will look stunning against the snowy background and will do a great job of protecting everything from the snow and the cold.

Following our summer of shows some of my fellow Posh Sheds are also looking for new homes and we also have some that have put themselves forward for ‘Shed of the Month’.

There is still plenty to do to prepare for autumn and if nothing else I’m sure the rake and broom will be regularly in and out to clear up all those wonderful coloured autumn leaves. Which reminds me, don’t forget to clear away any build-up of leaves/debris from around my sides to keep me in tip top condition and looking my best. I do have standards to keep.

By the way if you are busy chopping up logs ready for those autumn/winter fires and wondering where can I put them to keep them dry, neat and tidy, don’t forget my fellow Posh Shed friend the Log Store.

Will keep in touch

Posh Shed