Prices +7% from Dec 1st. Order now to beat price increase. The reason? Raw material increases. Read more

We are very grateful to our many customers for their support in these challenging times. Now here is another impact of the pandemic - unprecedented increases in raw material costs including.

  • timber prices + between 6% and 19% in the past month
  • glass +10%
  • paints + 5%
  • cedar shingles + 12%

We have managed to mitigate the increases so far by buying materials in advance but that purchased material is running out so we must unavoidably increase all product prices by 7% from December 1st 2020. However, all orders placed prior to this date will be at existing prices. We apologise for this but hope you will understand.

New Festival Products

Posted on December 10, 2013

Brr-rr! winter is on the horizon with December now upon us. Towns and cities are buzzing with shoppers caught up in the Christmas rush whilst the fairy lights and Christmas decorations are beaming above them. It’s that time of year again where you decorate me with lights to keep me well lit and notice throughout this festive time of year.

Posh Log StoresWinter is all about the mince pies and mulled wine in front of an open roaring fire. That’s why here at The Posh Shed Company we provide you with some luxurious log stores available in a range of colours from a sadolin superdec and classic ranges. These Posh log stores give you a perfect excuse to stock up on logs and keep warm throughout the Christmas season.

If you are stuck for a Christmas present for your partner look no further as we now have Posh BirdPosh Bird Box Boxes for sale, £35 include postage and packing in a selection of colours. This bird box will help keep the burrowing birds warm and safe this winter with an adjustable lid as well you will be able to put food and bedding down for the appreciative chirpy birds and their offspring. But hurry, I have already brought Mrs Shed hers, you don’t want to miss out on this great new festive product.

We sheds can be enjoyed all year round and especially in the winter season ours. Make sure you make the most of the light hours by working in the shed and out of the sharp wintry wind. Don’t worry about us getting cold this Christmas, we have a unique triple protection of plywood, waterproof membrane and TGV it’s almost as warm as those matching Christmas jumpers that Grandma knits.

 Posh Shed