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My Eggcellent Easter

Posted on April 8, 2013

Hello to you all, sorry its been so long, seem to have been very busy eating lots of Easter eggs. I'm sure a few of you can relate.  You know it was very exciting in my garden last weekend, I had a visitor from the one and only easter bunny placing lots of eggs for the children to find.  Oh and didn't they have a great time searching for them, with a little bit of help from the adults and their added height, the children even managed to find the eggs balancing on my roof.  I think my interconnecting wall tricked them for a little while but they soon found their way through the door to the other side and more eggs. We were even lucky enough to get a little sunshine so we had my big double doors open so I got full benefits of the weather. I do hope this little bit of sunshine stays, although I am in england so best not get my guttering in a twist over it.  

How are you all enjoying our longer days? I'd love to hear what you've been doing with the extra daylight hours. Do feel free to let me know what you or your sheds have been up to.


Speak soon

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