Shed at the Oscars?

Posted on February 25, 2013

Hello everyone.

Hope you are all ok and keeping wrapped up warm in this cold windy weather. I'm quite lucky as I stand up against the wall of my house so it shelters me from the wind a lot. Another thing I like about being up against my wall is that I get a sneaky peak at what's on television, recently I've seen lots of glamorous dresses what with it being The Brits and The Oscars


I Like my jungle green walls a lot but I think i'd need a few more sparkles to compete with those dresses.  Do you think sparkles would suit me? 


So what else has been going on? Anyone retiring soon like Pope Benedict, I wonder if The Pope has a lovely garden shed like me? My gothic style windows aren't too dissimilar to some of the shapes found at The Vatican. I know I certainly won't be retiring any time soon, there's years and years left in me yet, shame the Pope doesn't come with a guarantee aye. 


Well I best get back to practise my poses, just in case even with no sparkles, I get an invite to the Oscars next year.  Speak to you all soon.

Posh Shed