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Shed in the jungle?

Posted on November 18, 2012

Hello to all you lovely people once again, firstly a thank you, after my last post lots of my shed friends have told me how they have had all the leaves swept up from their bases so thank you to you all for looking after your sheds, we do appreciate it! 

So who likes my lovely smokey blue walls? I certainly do but surely Mr Obama would as well after winning it for the blues in the presidential elections, congrats Mr O. Whilst we're on politics, who has been watching Nadine and the celebrities in the jungle? I think i'd manage quite well in the jungle, I'm used to the odd creepy crawly or 2 in my garden, they're all quite friendly really, not sure how i'd feel about eating them. I'd give it a whole hearted attempt though, or maybe a half hearted attempt seeing as I am a half shed :)

Inside me I have a tool rack which my owner has been making sure their tools are returned to, with winter fast approaching make sure you don't leave your tools outside to catch a frost, that's what I'm for.  My owners are however able to get out in the garden a bit less than what they like to now though, with the nights drawing in quicker each day it does leave less time. Good job I don't mind the dark isn't it.  

Well I hope your all keeping yourselves busy on these dark evenings and I'll write again soon.

Posh Shed