Prices +7% from Dec 1st. Order now to beat price increase. The reason? Raw material increases. Read more

We are very grateful to our many customers for their support in these challenging times. Now here is another impact of the pandemic - unprecedented increases in raw material costs including.

  • timber prices + between 6% and 19% in the past month
  • glass +10%
  • paints + 5%
  • cedar shingles + 12%

We have managed to mitigate the increases so far by buying materials in advance but that purchased material is running out so we must unavoidably increase all product prices by 7% from December 1st 2020. However, all orders placed prior to this date will be at existing prices. We apologise for this but hope you will understand.

Is it nap time?

Posted on September 18, 2012

All the children are back to school now, new uniforms ironed, new shoes polished, that means summer is definately over, although if we are defining summer by sunshine I don't think it ever started, guess it is england after all! I always thought summer holidays were meant to be relaxing, although I don't feel like I've had a chance to relax what with all the olympic excitement and of course my trip to the Southport Flower show this summer.  Was great to see so many of you there by the way. To be honest I feel totally exhausted now, I'm looking forward to just chilling out with my good friend Mr Lawn Mower.  Although I think I'll be chilling out more than him, he's still busy keeping our owners lawn nice and short and looking smart.  Its not just our lawn which is looking smart though, our owner has just planted the pansies out, they look fab, my favourite ones are the blue ones because they match my lovely blue walls. Have any of you guys been planting in your gardens, making them look lovely I'm sure.  

You know what talking of chilling out, I think I might just have a little nap, us sheds need our naps too you know.  I bet you wish you could sneak off for a little nap too don't you, quick go, shhhh, go on, I won't tell anyone.

Enjoy your gardens (and naps) and I'll write again soon

Posh Shed