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Posted on July 23, 2012

At last, some summer sun has finally arrived, I know we are all used to a hit or miss british summer but that rain was awful, hoping this sun will hang around for a bit now.  Hopefully everyone will be able to get out in their gardens and enjoy the sunshine like me, I enjoy having a bit of company out here in the garden.  My owner has given me a good spring clean, my lovely gothic style windows have been opened and my glass is sparkling.  It's all in preparation for the garden party we're having to celebrate the olympics, not long until it all kicks off now.  Lets hope Britain do as well in the olympics as we did in the tour de france! I look after my owners bikes for them, with my nice double doors its so easy to get them im and out. They enjoyed a nice long bike ride at the weekend in the sunshine, bikes have been safely returned to me now though, think it wore them out! 

Well hope you are all enjoying the summer sports so far, sure a good few of you have put the golf clubs to good use.  Whilst we wait for the olympics to begin hopefully you might have a chance to enjoy your gardens as much as I enjoy mine, glass of pimms anyone?

Enjoy the games

Posh shed



Rain rain go away...

Posted on July 4, 2012

Dear Diary

Bit chilly today but hoping the rain will stay off after the recent downpours. Do hope none of my fellow sheds got flooded.  I was lucky, I'm a half shed so the wall I stand against gave me extra shelter.  However thanks to my well-built structure, I wasn't too worried about the rain to be honest, no water is getting through my walls.  Although, I was pleased that my lovely slate shingled roof got a nice good wash.  Am definitely ready for some sun and blue skies now though to make my nice green walls shine. If the sun does get his hat on and come out to play then I'll be able to get my windows open and enjoy the summer breeze.  Have you seen my windows by the way? They've got a lovely traditional style which I just love, even got complimented on them by a little hedgehog as he wandered past the other day.

 If the rain continues though, at least my beautiful garden will get well watered. I was so proud to be chosen and don't tell anyone but I was a bit nervous.  Feel silly now though as I get lots of smiles all the time, not just of my owners but their friends too.

 Well I think I can see the sun trying to fight through the clouds so going to go and try catch some rays.

 Will write again soon

 Posh Shed


The merits of a dry bottom

Posted on July 2, 2012

Dear Diary,

This week I am in Oxfordshire and looking rather good if I do say so myself!

A Posh ShedPosh Shed

The boys at the posh shed company build me in different shapes each week and are able to specially make me to fit in with your requirements. This can include having smaller doors for fitting in with lower walls.

The only problem with smaller doors it that I do hear a bit of bad language when people come through a door which is lower than expected and bang their head. Luckily, my owner this week is not going to have that problem as I have an extra gable end over my door that allows them to be full height – it also means that I look awfully grand!

Oh and I have my favourite type of base which is gravel as it drains away straight after the rain (shingle also works very well!). Of course I happily deal with rain and love a bit of the stuff here and there but I don’t like simply standing in water. Sometimes with a concrete base, water gets in underneath and just sits there making things very uncomfortable down below (if you will forgive the expression), never enjoyable for a Posh Shed!

Right speak soon,

Posh Shed