One of a kind

Posted on June 15, 2012

Dear diary,

What a treat … This week I am writing to you as a bona fide unique shed, I am truly one of a kind!Bespoke Posh Shed

At The Posh Shed Company they build lovely sheds some of which are bespoke sizes and designs. In my case, my owner’s had bought some stained glass panels from a salvage yard and wanted them incorporated into their shed design but could not find a manufacture that was able to build their dream shed.

That’s where those clever boys at The Posh Shed Company stepped in and enjoyed making what had been a dream shed into a reality. My owner’s delivered the glass to the factory themselves and wanted to made sure it was in safe hands … Luckily, they had nothing to worry about and it was brilliant for them to see how we are crafted first hand.

Now my owner’s just enjoy having me about their beautiful garden. Plus, when it’s really sunny they can open back the bi fold doors and I can get a real airing, bliss.

Bespoke Posh ShedBespoke Posh Shed

Will write soon.

Posh Shed