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We are very grateful to our many customers for their support in these challenging times. Now here is another impact of the pandemic - unprecedented increases in raw material costs including.

  • timber prices + between 6% and 19% in the past month
  • glass +10%
  • paints + 5%
  • cedar shingles + 12%

We have managed to mitigate the increases so far by buying materials in advance but that purchased material is running out so we must unavoidably increase all product prices by 7% from December 1st 2020. However, all orders placed prior to this date will be at existing prices. We apologise for this but hope you will understand.

Haste ye back

Posted on May 2, 2012

Dear diary,

Posh Shed EdinburghToday I am writing to you from bonny Scotland. After an early start from Herefordshire we travelled north up the M6 and I found myself tightly wrapped under tarpaulin which was lucky as it rained most of the way. In general the journey was long and boring, however, it was worth it because I’ve ended up half a mile from Edinburgh Castle!

The garden is lovely and I look out over the vegetable patch, hopefully my new owner will start off her little seedlings by my window next year. Posh Shed Edinburgh

I suppose my love of gardening is only natural given that I am in the ‘potting shed style‘, with the added detail of an opening window.

I am 7ft by 5ft which is always a popular size as it allows plenty of room for garden tools and a lawn mower. Not to boast but my door is wide enough for all but the largest mowers (I’m talking about the ones that you can drive about on). 

Posh Shed EdinburghRight, I best get back to my shedding duties, will write soon.

Yours sincerely,

Posh Shed

P.S. Imagine my surprise to find myself on Alan Titchmarsh’s ‘Love your garden’ programme last week. He’s a dear friend and and I was incredibly flattered to be featured as a shed which is a garden feature.