Festive scene

Posted on December 11, 2012

Hello to you all once again. Countdown to Christmas is well and truly underway, i've got my advent calender, have you? To add to the festive season, some of you must have had snow this week and what's more christmassy than a snowy scene.  Unfortunately I didn't get any snow in my garden but with the view I have I didn't mind. I live in Porthmadog you see and my garden looks out over Porthmadog Bay, isn't it lovely. I even see the steam trains from the ffestiniog railway sometimes.  My owners are taking their grandchildren to meet santa on the railway, lets hope they've been good this year!

What have you got on your christmas lists this year, I got my list in with santa early because I definitely have been a very good shed :) I've asked for a nice new tool rack to go on my wall so I can keep my owners fork and spades tidy. 

I hope you all have lots of exciting plans for the build up to christmas and don't forget to get those lists to santa.

Write again soon

Posh Shed

Shed in the jungle?

Posted on November 18, 2012

Hello to all you lovely people once again, firstly a thank you, after my last post lots of my shed friends have told me how they have had all the leaves swept up from their bases so thank you to you all for looking after your sheds, we do appreciate it! 

So who likes my lovely smokey blue walls? I certainly do but surely Mr Obama would as well after winning it for the blues in the presidential elections, congrats Mr O. Whilst we're on politics, who has been watching Nadine and the celebrities in the jungle? I think i'd manage quite well in the jungle, I'm used to the odd creepy crawly or 2 in my garden, they're all quite friendly really, not sure how i'd feel about eating them. I'd give it a whole hearted attempt though, or maybe a half hearted attempt seeing as I am a half shed :)

Inside me I have a tool rack which my owner has been making sure their tools are returned to, with winter fast approaching make sure you don't leave your tools outside to catch a frost, that's what I'm for.  My owners are however able to get out in the garden a bit less than what they like to now though, with the nights drawing in quicker each day it does leave less time. Good job I don't mind the dark isn't it.  

Well I hope your all keeping yourselves busy on these dark evenings and I'll write again soon.

Posh Shed

Posh shed meets Mr Pumpkin

Posted on October 30, 2012

How have you all been since I last checked in? Hope you have all dug your thermals out because I don't know about you but I have definitely noticed the thermometer drop a good few degrees this past week.  I'll tell you what, it's not just the temperature dropping but the leaves off the trees.  I love all the different colours you get in the leaves, I particularly like the really red leaves, they look so bright next to my Brandy Alexander walls.  As much as I like the colours on the leaves, I'm not a fan of them clogging up my base, no good for me at all so I was lucky that my owners swept them all up from around me. Have any of you done that for your sheds? I'm sure they,ll appreciate it a lot if you do!

As well as my owners sweeping away the leaves, they've given me a new friend this week, Mr Pumpkin. I do hope we don't get too many scary trick or treaters coming round for halloween.  I prefer bonfire night myself, I get a great view of everyone's fireworks from my lovely garden.  I think my owners are having a bonfire, they've been busy making a guy which I'm looking after for them at the moment.  It's a good way for them to burn all those leaves as well.  Well I best go and enjoy the fireworks, hope you can all do the same, keep warm.


Write again soon

Posh Shed


The surfing shed

Posted on October 8, 2012

I don't know about you but for me this year is flying past, where does the time go? Speaking of time, with this being the last month before the clocks change, I've been trying to make the most of the long days.  My owners have been doing the same, they went to the beach at the weekend to go surfing, bet they got cold! I was thinking that i'd quite like to go surfing, but then I realised that I'm a shed, and sheds quite obviously can't surf. As much as I love my unique hexagonal shape, I don't think I'd fit on the surf board :) My hemlock walls would fit in nicely with the sandy beaches though! 

Anyway what have you guys got planned for the last of the long days, country walks? bit of weeding maybe to keep those beds looking lovely? Having said that, it is getting a bit nippy outside in the evenings now, my owners have been lighting their fire, it always looks very cosy.  I don't mind the cold though, I'm quite happy out here in my garden, I've got my potted plants to keep me company.

You enjoy the rest of your long days, make sure you keep warm though.

Write again soon

Posh Shed



Is it nap time?

Posted on September 18, 2012

All the children are back to school now, new uniforms ironed, new shoes polished, that means summer is definately over, although if we are defining summer by sunshine I don't think it ever started, guess it is england after all! I always thought summer holidays were meant to be relaxing, although I don't feel like I've had a chance to relax what with all the olympic excitement and of course my trip to the Southport Flower show this summer.  Was great to see so many of you there by the way. To be honest I feel totally exhausted now, I'm looking forward to just chilling out with my good friend Mr Lawn Mower.  Although I think I'll be chilling out more than him, he's still busy keeping our owners lawn nice and short and looking smart.  Its not just our lawn which is looking smart though, our owner has just planted the pansies out, they look fab, my favourite ones are the blue ones because they match my lovely blue walls. Have any of you guys been planting in your gardens, making them look lovely I'm sure.  

You know what talking of chilling out, I think I might just have a little nap, us sheds need our naps too you know.  I bet you wish you could sneak off for a little nap too don't you, quick go, shhhh, go on, I won't tell anyone.

Enjoy your gardens (and naps) and I'll write again soon

Posh Shed

Where am I?

Posted on August 16, 2012

I know it hasn't been long since I last wrote but I'm so excited I just had to share it with you.  Guess where I am this week? I'll give you a clue, it's not a garden like usual.  Not that I don't love my garden but this is like a summer shed adventure. Ok I'll tell you, I'm at the Southport Flower Show! And it's not just me, a couple of my fellow sheds are here too, we're having a great time. 

There's lots going on, lots of people, lots of different things, everyone is chatting and having a nice time.  It's a good job I've had my lovely gothic shed windows cleaned because lots of people are looking at me.  Me and my fellow sheds are having a competition to see who's getting the most attention (we,re not shy at all).  Mr bespoke thinks it's him with his jungle green walls but I'm sure my hudson bay glow is winning it for me.  Anyone would think we're a competitive bunch of sheds, but we're just excited to be at the Southport Flower Show, and ok, maybe we're a tad competitive!

I've got an idea, why don't you come on down and visit us (and help me beat the other sheds), we'd love to see you and it's not just us here, there's lots of great things for your garden to see.  Well I best go practise my best pose but hope to see you here.

Write again soon

Posh Shed

Proud to be a shed, Proud to be british

Posted on August 9, 2012

Well the olympics are well underway now, another triumph for Bradley Wiggins.  I hope you are all enjoying it as much as I am, definately feeling the buzz and wowee aren't Team GB doing well! I am not just proud to be a shed but proud to be british.  Think my owners are enjoying it too, have heard the national anthem being sang out a good few times.  Not just them though, at the back of my garden is a field where my 2 horse friends live, they were excited about Team GB's gold medal in the dressage, galloping around for hours they were. 

Have got some children visiting this week.  Think they are trying to give Usain Bolt a run for his money the speed they have been running around my garden.  They did get caught in a little rain shower but they took shelter in me, seeing as I am 8ft x 6ft there was plenty of room.  They spoke about wanting to re-paint me red, white and blue but funnily enough my owners didn't go for it, they are very fond of my lovely hemlock colour. 

I am looking after a paddling pool at the moment which the children are hoping to get out on Friday, they want to pretend they are diving alongside Tom Daley, not sure they'll be quite in his league but it'll be fun watching them splash around.  Well Fingers crossed for Tom and hope you all enjoy the rest of the games.

Write again soon

Posh Shed

summer sun, summer sport, summer shed

Posted on July 23, 2012

At last, some summer sun has finally arrived, I know we are all used to a hit or miss british summer but that rain was awful, hoping this sun will hang around for a bit now.  Hopefully everyone will be able to get out in their gardens and enjoy the sunshine like me, I enjoy having a bit of company out here in the garden.  My owner has given me a good spring clean, my lovely gothic style windows have been opened and my glass is sparkling.  It's all in preparation for the garden party we're having to celebrate the olympics, not long until it all kicks off now.  Lets hope Britain do as well in the olympics as we did in the tour de france! I look after my owners bikes for them, with my nice double doors its so easy to get them im and out. They enjoyed a nice long bike ride at the weekend in the sunshine, bikes have been safely returned to me now though, think it wore them out! 

Well hope you are all enjoying the summer sports so far, sure a good few of you have put the golf clubs to good use.  Whilst we wait for the olympics to begin hopefully you might have a chance to enjoy your gardens as much as I enjoy mine, glass of pimms anyone?

Enjoy the games

Posh shed



Rain rain go away...

Posted on July 4, 2012

Dear Diary

Bit chilly today but hoping the rain will stay off after the recent downpours. Do hope none of my fellow sheds got flooded.  I was lucky, I'm a half shed so the wall I stand against gave me extra shelter.  However thanks to my well-built structure, I wasn't too worried about the rain to be honest, no water is getting through my walls.  Although, I was pleased that my lovely slate shingled roof got a nice good wash.  Am definitely ready for some sun and blue skies now though to make my nice green walls shine. If the sun does get his hat on and come out to play then I'll be able to get my windows open and enjoy the summer breeze.  Have you seen my windows by the way? They've got a lovely traditional style which I just love, even got complimented on them by a little hedgehog as he wandered past the other day.

 If the rain continues though, at least my beautiful garden will get well watered. I was so proud to be chosen and don't tell anyone but I was a bit nervous.  Feel silly now though as I get lots of smiles all the time, not just of my owners but their friends too.

 Well I think I can see the sun trying to fight through the clouds so going to go and try catch some rays.

 Will write again soon

 Posh Shed


The merits of a dry bottom

Posted on July 2, 2012

Dear Diary,

This week I am in Oxfordshire and looking rather good if I do say so myself!

A Posh ShedPosh Shed

The boys at the posh shed company build me in different shapes each week and are able to specially make me to fit in with your requirements. This can include having smaller doors for fitting in with lower walls.

The only problem with smaller doors it that I do hear a bit of bad language when people come through a door which is lower than expected and bang their head. Luckily, my owner this week is not going to have that problem as I have an extra gable end over my door that allows them to be full height – it also means that I look awfully grand!

Oh and I have my favourite type of base which is gravel as it drains away straight after the rain (shingle also works very well!). Of course I happily deal with rain and love a bit of the stuff here and there but I don’t like simply standing in water. Sometimes with a concrete base, water gets in underneath and just sits there making things very uncomfortable down below (if you will forgive the expression), never enjoyable for a Posh Shed!

Right speak soon,

Posh Shed

One of a kind

Posted on June 15, 2012

Dear diary,

What a treat … This week I am writing to you as a bona fide unique shed, I am truly one of a kind!Bespoke Posh Shed

At The Posh Shed Company they build lovely sheds some of which are bespoke sizes and designs. In my case, my owner’s had bought some stained glass panels from a salvage yard and wanted them incorporated into their shed design but could not find a manufacture that was able to build their dream shed.

That’s where those clever boys at The Posh Shed Company stepped in and enjoyed making what had been a dream shed into a reality. My owner’s delivered the glass to the factory themselves and wanted to made sure it was in safe hands … Luckily, they had nothing to worry about and it was brilliant for them to see how we are crafted first hand.

Now my owner’s just enjoy having me about their beautiful garden. Plus, when it’s really sunny they can open back the bi fold doors and I can get a real airing, bliss.

Bespoke Posh ShedBespoke Posh Shed

Will write soon.

Posh Shed

Hooray for Henley

Posted on May 5, 2012

Hello from Henley on Thames,

Unfortunately I missed the regatta, however, the river was still an awesome sight as we arrived.

I am quite small at 6ft by 4ft but fit perfectly in the corner of a delightful garden. My owner is a very keen gardener and it certainly shows as there is an abundance of wonderful plants, all perfectly laid out.

This week I am in the Gothic style and enjoy having beautifully arched windows . My roof is covered in cedar shingles which come all the way from Canada. I understand that over there they put these cedar shingles onto the roofs of their houses, so they must be good!

My owner has chosen a brilliant shade of green paint for me (jungle green) and my builders take great pride in painting me with care and attention. I am also very lucky that my owner chose for me to have a brass door handle and window finishing … I really am a very fortunate Posh Shed indeed!

Posh Shed Brass FeaturePosh Shed HenleyPosh Shed Henley

Will write soon,

Posh Shed

Haste ye back

Posted on May 2, 2012

Dear diary,

Posh Shed EdinburghToday I am writing to you from bonny Scotland. After an early start from Herefordshire we travelled north up the M6 and I found myself tightly wrapped under tarpaulin which was lucky as it rained most of the way. In general the journey was long and boring, however, it was worth it because I’ve ended up half a mile from Edinburgh Castle!

The garden is lovely and I look out over the vegetable patch, hopefully my new owner will start off her little seedlings by my window next year. Posh Shed Edinburgh

I suppose my love of gardening is only natural given that I am in the ‘potting shed style‘, with the added detail of an opening window.

I am 7ft by 5ft which is always a popular size as it allows plenty of room for garden tools and a lawn mower. Not to boast but my door is wide enough for all but the largest mowers (I’m talking about the ones that you can drive about on). 

Posh Shed EdinburghRight, I best get back to my shedding duties, will write soon.

Yours sincerely,

Posh Shed

P.S. Imagine my surprise to find myself on Alan Titchmarsh’s ‘Love your garden’ programme last week. He’s a dear friend and and I was incredibly flattered to be featured as a shed which is a garden feature.

I am a Posh Shed and this is my story.

Posted on April 24, 2012

Dear diary,

Allow me to introduce myself, I am a highly educated, Posh Shed. My decision to start blogging comes from a general desire to keep abreast of the times and also from wanting to keep a diary of my life and various adventures. Originally I am from the heart of beautiful rural Herefordshire. My upbringing was one of great privilege as I was extremely fortunate to have been made by a smashing bunch of people who really understand what it takes to create a proper shed.

I am proud to be a shed, for me it’s not just a job, it’s my vocation. I love being entrusted with looking after your lawn mower, garden tools or whichever things you simply need out the house. Sometimes owners just enjoy sitting in me which is a treat as I relish the company.

I’m not sure about other sheds you may have spoken to, but most are pretty jealous of me which can be hard when trying to make friends. As a posh shed I would never boast about my superiority, however it is nice to know you’re special.

The seasons play a large part in the life of a posh shed, from being filled up with unused garden tools in the winter, to protecting seedlings from late frosts in spring and being a cool shady retreat in the long hot summer months, filled with the smell of freshly cut grass.

Posh Shed Posh Shed Posh Shed

I come in a number of sizes and designs and can be painted in an array of different colours – there are over 200 for my owners to choose from. All the painting and finishing touches are carried out by my creators in Hereford so I am completely ready for you when I am delivered. Being a posh shed, I always look good wherever I go.

I am incredibly strong with a solid, lockable door so only my owners can get in … of course, being a posh shed I’m always completely exclusive.

Yours sincerely,

Posh Shed